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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Waste Management
7/31/2013 11:14:16 AM
Waste Management Issue UpdatesReply: Nathan
  Please reference the post below. This is the most recent information we have. If you still have questions, please feel free to ask and if I am able, I will try to answer them. You can also come to our community meetings and as Kristen directly, she is our County rep. Hope this helps.

7/31/2013 10:48:16 AM
Waste ManagementPost: Linda
Has anything else been done regarding adjustments to the waste management bills. I called and they informed me we are in a hard to service area and they offer no senior discounts or adjustments. My bill with 3 xtra red trash cans went from 101.22 to 103.10. Thanks for the info.
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