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RAGLM Board > Gardening > Neem, Wonderful Neem!
8/27/2010 8:13:08 PM
Found Some HereReply: Nathan
Looked around Google and found some. never bought from the site, so I have no idea how reputable they are.


I might order some next year.
8/27/2010 7:58:39 PM
Neem & Pyrethrin DaisiesReply: Willow
Hi Nathan,

From the strong musty aroma of the neem products, I am hoping that it has repellent properties as a tree.  I am planting one on either side of my home in the hopes that they will keep the bug population down.

I know the Pyrethrin daisies do work as such when grown in the garden.  I am so distressed.  I had no idea there was govt. action against such a benign way of dealing with pests.  But I searched my favoritegardening site http://www.groworganic.com/default.html from stem to stern and was completely unable to find any seeds or plants.  That is upsetting.  They are lovely flowers and serve a helpful purpose.     Willow
8/27/2010 10:40:10 AM
Very InterestingReply: Nathan
   I know that neem oil from the tree is used as a natural pesticide. Is the same true for the tree in it's natural state? Does this help keep the fly's down etc.? There is also the all natural pesticide pyrethrins from the pyrethrin plant which is now being banned in CA, as it is no longer available in a spray form or if it is, it is alot less than it used to be. Pyrethrins kill things other pesticides can not like fleas. I have been looking to plant some of these around my gardens to keep the bugs out. Again, not sure if they work in the natural form. Keep us posted on how these work out for you if you would. Thanks, look forward to hearing about them.
8/25/2010 5:00:41 PM
Neem, Wonderful Neem!Post: Willow
I recently sent to Florida:
and purchased two baby Neem trees.  Oh...so exciting.  But they required so much tender care.  At first I had a helper but then ended up having to see to it they got planted, all on my  own. 

I needed huge gopher baskets to protect their tender tasty roots, so the hole I have to dig are huge and deep.  But I got one all the way planted and so far she looks like, altho severly sunburned from the past few killing heat days, she is  going to survive!  Yea!

I have the hole for the second one started, and almost gave myself heat stroke trying to finish it up in today's sweltering heat.  So I built a shade awning for the poor sunburned tree, "Elsabelle", after my great Aunt Elsabelle Busch.  And she looks far more comfortable with the shade.  I have gone out and spritzed her several times in this heat.  But the instructions cautioned that getting their roots too wet or too consistently wet is the quickest way to kill them.  So I can't water her again until the soil dries completely out.  She is in the same area with a Bougainvillaea, so that shouldn't be such a problem.

The other one, "Selma" after my other Aunt Selma Busch (they had 6 daughters!!!) is doing well.  I am keeping her in the shade, and her planting hole is almost big enough to accommodate the gopher basket.

I am so excited.  These trees will be such a delight to watch grow!  And they contribute so many uses with their leaves and bark.  Can't wait to learn more about them.  I have ordered and been using the Neem product from the above site, and just love what I have used.  I find the smell of Neem quite pleasant; although, I suspect that I am unique in that quality.  It is a pungent, rather prominent aroma.  I like it, but it's probably keeping other folks at bay from me.  LOL!!

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