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RAGLM Board > Road Issues > Gavilan Rd./Esperanza Dr. Pot Holes From Hell
5/30/2011 2:34:25 PM
Gavilan Rd/Esperanza Dr.Reply: JB
I live on Esperanza Dr. and have to deal with the horrendous pot holes on a near daily basis.  I have contacted the county and was told that they do NOT have any number of feet off of the main road that falls under their care.  I was very surprised by this...and needless to say very frustrated.  When I moved up here 16 years ago, I attempted to get the residents of Esperanza to join together for a multi family yard sale ...no one would join in.  When the county reps suggested I get my neighbors to pitch in to repair the pot holes ourselves, I had to laugh...I knew THAT wouldn't happen.  I for one do not have the financial means to keep the roads maintained !!!  I find the fact that they are continually patching holes (so temporary are the patches that they do not last even one week!!!) which can no way in hell, be cost effective, compared to making proper corrections such as water diversion pipes to direct the water below the road or beside the road to a less damaging area.  The current strategy is equal to putting a bandaid on an infected wound ...it isn't going to get better...it is going to get WORSE !!
3/11/2011 1:29:47 PM
Gavilan Rd./Esperanza Dr. Pot Holes From HellPost: Cindy Ferry
Juan, this link should take you to the intersection of Gavilan Rd. and Esperanza. You can see from this aerial photo that these pot holes are within the county right of way for Gavilan Rd., which I believe, if I remember what I was reading correctly, the easement is 50'. It's like this on the west side of Gavilan all along the mobile home park and out onto Gavilan Rd. and this is creating a major traffic hazard in this area, for mostly the residents that live within the mobile home park, but also those of us that just live on the plateau itself and have to drive Gavilan Rd. to get in and out of the community. Please, use this tool and just travel down Gavilan Rd. and look at this area. The band-aid repairs are not working and it is costing the county a lot of money. But, so will redoing Gavilan Rd., if it's not done correctly.
Juan, if you would please, would you also take this tool and go to the intersection of Esperanza and Oak and see the three large pot holes that are now much larger and make getting safely through this intersection very hazardous, especially at night. The mobile home park has a number of roadways like this. God only knows what all would be found in that water if tested! It's there all the time.
Cindy Ferry
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