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6/22/2015 9:30:56 AM
Mail Theft NewsPost: jakes222
It looks like our local mail thieves have branched out.  Saturday around noon I noticed several pieces of mail along Gavilan Road near the curve where the road changes to Santa Rosa Mine Road.  While taking my daily morning walk with my two dogs I stopped and picked up about two dozen pieces of mail.  All of the mail was to / from an area in Yorba Linda and to / from an area in Corona.  All of the mail was dated the week June 14 - 20.  And of course, all of the mail had been opened.  One piece of mail appeared to be a registration renewal mailed to the DMV, minus the check.  I can guess that the check has been washed and now this lucky soul is now an ID Theft victim.
I placed all of the mail in a large envelope and left it for the mailman to deliver to the local postal inspector.

      ------Jake Somers
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