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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Is Lake Mathews officially allowed when using 92570 Zip code
10/15/2014 2:29:24 PM
zip codeReply: Beverley
I was at DMV today and they acknowledge Lake Mathews for this zip.  As it is 12 closer to my home than Perris, I will use that designation from now on.  Should make package delivery and other things clearer. 

10/15/2014 1:45:26 PM
Thank you, BillB and KepSterReply: Gayle Geer
I appreciate the information and, Bill, since you put it that way...I'm with you on the name.  I'm for Gavilan Hills, too.  Much better to name it after the majestic hawk than a pitiful tax pit.  (c;
10/15/2014 9:57:21 AM
Lake Mathews is valid, but some sites very slow to updateReply: KepSter
I did some investigating as promised.  I found that the US Post Office does allow the name Lake Mathews for the 92570 zip code, but does not accept Gavilan Hills for that Zip Code.

I found that one of the various companies that uses the USPS database to correct mailing addresses for their mailings, and on WebSites with their Application Programming Interfaces (API's) DOES allow the use of Lake Mathews for the 92570.

Any WebSite not allowing the use of Lake Mathews on its website either isn't updating their database, or there is some other data parameter that I am unaware of that want's the user to enter Perris instead of Lake Mathews.

10/15/2014 9:47:13 AM
No on Lake MathewsReply: BillB
Lake Mathews is not a "city"; it is a miserable little reservoir that feeds Los Angeles exclusively. The only association we have with this pond is that we have to pay property taxes for LA to get their water. The Lake Mathews COI is mostly in Gavilan Hills. If it came down to choosing a name for the area I would be highly opposed to using the name of LA's reservoir. The name Gavilan Hills worked for centuries. I would not want to change it. 
10/14/2014 3:51:16 PM
92570 and attached city nameReply: Gayle Geer
I was surprised when I was on a website (can't remember which one) last week and it asked for my zip and, when I entered 92570, it added the city as Lake Mathews. That was a first.

I live in Gavilan Hills/on the Gavilan Plateau. I wouldn't mind having our "city" as Lake Mathews for two reasons: More people know where Lake Mathews is located and also because it sounds like our property should be worth more being pare of LAKE Mathews.  Either way, it sounds better than Perris, which most out of the area are aware of because of the crime.  Sad, but true.  

Have a great day wherever you live!

10/14/2014 12:49:02 PM
USA 92570 does not recognize Gavilan HillsReply: Michael D
The area known as Gavilan Hills is part of the Greater Lake Mathews planning area. If one name had to be chosen for the whole area, there would probably be disagreement.
10/13/2014 9:33:23 PM
Zip codesReply: Linda
So can Gavilan Hills also be used in 92570 zip code or only Lake Mathews????
10/11/2014 6:16:54 PM
Lake Mathews area?Reply: Beverley
I am not sure I even understand where exactly Lake Mathews is.  When I see the population on the sign I am amazed there are over 5,000 residents if the area is only what is on "lake side".  Does the Lake Mathews area extend to up on the plateau?
Thanks, Beverley
10/11/2014 6:09:54 PM
Lake Mathews/Perris zip codeReply: PARKLADY
this month (oct 2014) topic is on the post office that would be something to bring up at the meeting.
10/11/2014 4:48:56 PM
Lake Mathews is AllowedReply: Nathan
See the link here, hope this helps.

Click for Zip Code Details
10/11/2014 3:26:46 PM
Is Lake Mathews officially allowed when using 92570 Zip codePost: KepSter
I have found that many web sites still do not like the use of Lake Mathews when coupled with the 92570 zip code.  If I change it to Perris, then it is processed through.  This makes me wonder if the U.S Postal Service is publishing Lake Mathews as a valid alternative to Perris?
I will check up with that, as I have access to these list being used by mailing software companies.  These companies get (buy?) the lists from the USPS, then package it with their services, and resell it to web developers, printing companies, and other organizations who use this information to validate addresses, and use address correction in their processes.

It was my understanding that RAGLM successfully petitioned the USPS to officially allow the use of Lake Mathews instead of Perris by adding it to their database.

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