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10/11/2013 3:46:06 PM
Magestic Realty & the cost of arroganceReply: Michelle Randall

In January of this year when Mr. Jeffries was sworn into office, he vowed to lower the Developer Impact Fees (DIF) in Mead Valley.  According to his FPPC 460 filing, two weeks later Mr. Jeffries received a $5000 campaign contribution from Majestic Realty. (http://www.election.co.riverside.ca.us/).  Any lowering of the DIF will put big money into Majestic Realty’s pocket and chump change into the pockets of regular citizens. Good investment of Majestic’s $5000. I attended the Mead Valley MAC meeting this month so I could find out why Mr. Jeffries held a private, unpublished meeting at Harry's Restaurant in Perris between John Semcken and Lou Monville of O'Reilly Co/Majestic Realty and the Mead Valley MAC members on July 26, 2013. The first thing Mr. Semcken did was apologize that Mr. Monville (who was at the time standing in the hall with Mr. Ketchum) couldn't attend the meeting. Hmmm?? Mr. Semcken then briefly showed a map of buildings that would be on part of the Majestic project and asked if anyone had questions.  I asked what the landscaping would be.  Mr. Semcken responded, "Whatever the county says it will be, any other questions?"  I assumed I had not been eloquent enough, so I said, "I'm interested in how you plan to mitigate the visual and audio effects of your project on the nearby residents. Will you have any sound walls or berms to block the noise? What about the building facades?  Will there be any setbacks or elevation changes"? Mr. Semcken (who after all had paid his $5000) looked down his nose at me, laughed, and replied, "Well you know that buildings have to be built on level ground. Next question". I had had enough at that point, so my next question was, "Is this the same O'Reily Co that was involved in the big San Bernardino corruption scandal a few years back? You know, this is not San Bernardino County".http://www.pe.com/local-news/san-bernardino-county/san-bernardino-county-headlines-index/20111104-sb-county-search-warrants-show-phone-financial-records.ece That brought Mr. Ketchum and Mr. Monville yelling from the hall, saying I couldn't ask that question.  Clearly Mr. Ketchum still is unfamiliar with the Brown Act. No one answered my questions.  Mr. Semcken threatened to sue me for slander and left.  Pretty sad.  Apparently, the price of arrogance right now is $5000 per ton.

10/11/2013 9:59:10 AM
Meeting Next WednesdayReply: Tonette
Thanks, Sandy!
10/11/2013 8:55:23 AM
Cajalco Update RAGLM MeetingReply: Sandy
Riverside County Trasportation representatives will be speakers at our next RAGLM meeting on Wednesday, October 16, 7:00 PM at the Meeting Room on El Sobrante.  They will be giving us an update on the Cajalco widening project.  This is your opportunity to ask questions and concerns.
10/8/2013 1:47:20 PM
Majestic ProjectPost: Paula Vice
This was sent to me and I thought I would pass it on for those that might be interested. It's not happening in our community but it is close enough that it will affect all of us. (Mead Valley area)
Majestic Project

Projects are being fast tracked.

Current project 6.2 million sq ft. Specific Plan is for the original plan. So far have not seen any updated EIR Draft for new project.
Community would like to see the community center option with retail space at Cajalco and Harvill.

New project adds 5 new logistics warehouses to the plan. One warehouse is going to be 1.4 million sq ft. almost as large as Sketchers in Moreno Valley. Homes are next door to some of these warehouses.  Also less than 1.5 miles from 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, library and community center. Less than one mile from a continuation school and a proposed park is just a block away. 
Decker's is the business that has indicated interest in the 1.4 million sq ft warehouse.
New 400,000 sq ft tire distribution warehouse under construction has 119 loading docs. 214 truck parking spaces. Trips per day 1,180. That is for just one warehouse. The Majestic project has 22 warehouses. This is the area north of Cajalco and other logistics warehouses are being proposed south of Cajalco.
Cajaclo will be a major truck route. Moreno Valley and Perris are building logistics warehouses and the current highways will not be able to accommodate all of this.

Will Mid-County Parkway come back across Gavilan Hills?
As far as jobs. Sketchers warehouse reduced jobs.  The tire distribution center no net gain. Employees at current leased facility will come to the new site.

This seems to be a pattern of companies looking to move to other locations. Where are the benefits of jobs?
Real jobs paying more than minimum wage?

The plan with commercial / retail and industrial uses will give local residents shopping and real jobs.
Less truck traffic and more local traffic.
The current plan is for logistics only.
Master circulation plan
Cajalco Road improvements start 2016-2017. Phase 1 Wood Road to I-215.
Pollution another issue.
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