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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > The BLM Has Holdings in Gavilan Hills/Lake Mathews?
5/15/2012 6:04:04 PM
The BLM Has Holdings in Gavilan Hills/Lake Mathews?Post: Cindy Ferry
This is from the counties MSHCP:

Biological Issues and Considerations:

  • Conserve upland Habitat to form connections between Harford Springs Reserve, Steele Peak Reserve, and BLM parcels in the area.
  • Conserve clay soils supporting sensitive plant species known to occur in this Subunit, including Munz's onion, Palmer's grapplinghook, small-flowered morning glory, long-spined spine flower, small-flowered mircroseris, and many-stemmed dudleya.
  • Conserve existing populations of Bell's sage sparrow.
  • Provide opportunities for reintroduction of Quino checkerspot butterfly. This includes areas within the Northwest Riverside County Recovery Unit and the Gavilan Hills habitat complex as identified in the January 2001 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Draft Recovery Plan for the Quino Checkerspot Butterfly (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2001). This focus area generally extends west from the Steele Peak Reserve to Lake Mathews and includes areas identified for Conservation between the unnamed BLM parcels north of the Steele Peak Reserve and the Motte-Rimrock Reserve.
What is the "Recovery Unite" and "Gavilan Hills Habitat complex" in the Fish and Game Recovery Plan? What do they mean by "unnamed BLM parcels north of the Steele Peak Reserve? And gee, could one of those "wonderful, feel so good, Preserve the Plateau signs be going on BLM land and that's why no one from Mitche's committee and it is Mitch's group, not a real committee, hasn't had to get the landowners approval? I've never heard of the BLM having holdings on any of the land out here and if they do, I think we should know about it and just where it is. The BLM has been up to no good in the last few years and if they now have a hand in our rural community, I'd like to know just how.
Can the RAGLM board members please tell me what this means to our community? What is all of this and what does it mean? Where is the county talking about and what does the BLM have to do with anything in our community and how did they get out here without this county having to tell us about it?
Cindy Ferry
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