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RAGLM Board > In The News > Is there really a drought?
5/31/2015 8:17:43 AM
DroughtReply: Cliff
This is just another con perpetrated by Brown and his criminal partners. If there was truly a water shortage and our criminal politicians cared about tax payers, why not offer consumers a reduction in their water bills based on the percentage of water saved by each household instead of charging them "tier five rates" for water usage above the (fantom) 30 percent reduction values? Simple answer, California is buried in over-expenditures and drowning debt by uncontrollable waste by politicians. Their resolve is simple. Lie to water customers and basically steal their hard earned money to pay for their illegal greed and criminal actions........sad commentary for a once creditable and honestly run State!
5/30/2015 9:00:44 PM
BrownReply: ComputerTech
Funny thing about Jerry Brown. When he is Governor, California has a water crisis. Remember the '70s when people put a brick in the toilet tank to save water? Remember when water rates increased after that?  I do.

Part of California's crops are exported to Canada. Those crops require water too, don't they? The New York times criticizes Americans for liking avocados and almonds. If $$$ makes the problem vanish, why not charge a tariff on crops exported to other states and nations? Why not charge a tariff on bottled spring water exported from California?

5/28/2015 9:25:14 AM
DroughtReply: BillB
Nathan, there is a drought not just in California but in the entire West. It doesn't take a newscaster to tell us what we can readily see in the reservoirs and streams. The PC solution, at least in California, is to throw money at the problem. God makes water, not Jerry Brown with our billions of tax dollars. The problem is aggravated further by throwing perfectly good drinkable water at a few fish then letting it simply flow into the ocean. Also, unfettered housing construction only adds to the consumption of this scarce resource, even in good years.

The sad part is that California could be totally drought resistant. There is more water than we could ever possibly consume just off our own shore. Yet the growing list of inhibitions being placed on desalinization plants by environmentalists keeps our state hostage to the vagaries of nature. Yes, we have a few small desalinization plants in service, and the largest in the nation is struggling to get on-line in San Clemente. If Brown was as concerned about the drought as he is in his bullet train to nowhere, he would put those billions into desalinization plants and shorten the permitting process to where we could see some relief in our lifetimes. 
5/27/2015 7:37:48 PM
Is there really a drought?Post: Nathan
I simply question if water is so scarce as the powers that be tell us it is, then why do they do things like this? Hmmm, they must know something I do not. Just thought I would share.

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