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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Measure F Failed - Thank God
6/9/2012 4:56:36 PM
Measure F IssueReply: Cindy Ferry
LOL ... can't say I totally agree with you that we are the smartest, but that's okay.  I do agree that it is a GOOD THING measure F went down.  Folks that are not paying attention are just not aware that the fancy, kind and sweet, healthy and friendly sounding names the county is giving to many of the elements of the General Plan are far from what the people see them as when looking only at a word on paper.  One has to be there, in the meeting rooms and not the ones one the first floor hearing room.  That is where the votes are cast.  The floors above are were the direction, agreements and contracts are drawn up.  Those are the meetings we have to be at and be at in large numbers ... forcing them to move these basically behind closed door meetings to major sized rooms, where everyone will notice the numbers of folks coming and going.  We can take our power back ... BUT ... we can only do that, if we do that.  Stand up and demand this big bucks, big developers, big government learn their places once again and realize and respect the fact that they work for us, on our behalf and they answer to us, not the big banks, not the big developers ... US!
6/9/2012 7:59:02 AM
Measure F Failed - Thank GodPost: Nathan
Local Riverside Measure F failed on Tuesday. A little victory for freedom lovers everywhere. Measure F was Riverside trying to bring more Agenda 21 local to us. It would have created a council on 'sustainable development'. Just what we need is another government bureaucracy telling us how to live and that we can not have things because the rats are equal to us. If you think it is tough now to get a permit to build something, just wait until the U.N. gets to tell you how and when to develop as well as approve things for you. I am not one to destroy land or even take things for granted but I do believe humans are the highest on the food chain for a reason. When the rats pay their fair share in taxes on my property, then they can have a spot at my dinner table and tell me how to run my property and life. Until then, I am the king of my castle as I pay the bills. We must remember the tragedy of the commons and not fall victim again. America is great because of individual freedoms not the 'common good'. If you do not believe me simply study true history a little more and take a look at past civilizations and their hierarchy as well as there success compared to that of America. Just thought I would pass on the good news of Measure F, please stay awake and keep the government out of our lives.
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