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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > The Best Food - Our Choice Or Theirs - Farmageddon
7/22/2012 12:58:02 PM
The Best Food - Our Choice Or Theirs - FarmageddonPost: Cindy Ferry
We all need to watch this movie and educate ourselves and stop allowing ourselves to be blinded to the real issues of our lives and the rights we have and are having taken away from us. We need to stop camping out in some parking lot to be the first ones to have the newest and best i-phone or other such electronic device. Since about 1976 I've been speaking to this issue of our food choice rights. Thirty-six years folks! Everyone wanted to, and still does, call me crazy, radical and aggressive. Well, thirty plus years of trying to get people to pay attention will do that to a person. I used to be a soft spoken person and one that thought the other "Loud People" were over-reacting and needed to just explain to folks what was happening and they would stand up to change it. Didn't your children think you were "over reacting" when you were at your wits end trying to convey to them the need to clean up their room or get some other chore done? I'm glad people are starting to see and pay attention, but valuable time has been lost and they have gotten a foothold that will be even harder to break. But, this doesn't mean giving up. It means US changing how and what we do in the name of protecting ourselves and exercising our rights to free choice. That starts with stopping them from violating these families rights. That means demanding (voting) for changes to laws we never even voted in, in the first place. It mean limiting them (Government and big agro-industry farm business) and giving us back our rights to decide what we eat and how it is grown. This is AMERICA and un-just laws are over-turned and the rights of the people out rule the laws of greed. Our Constitution protects us and Corporate Business is not a person.

Please take the time to find this movie through your TV provider or video store and watch it. Let me know what you think. Why are many of the well educated in this very field eating and living a raw and or more organic way of life? Then the biggy, which way is REALLY more harmful and negatively impacting to us and the planet? Which REALLY uses more of our natural resources?

Cindy Ferry
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