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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > 1/2 Hr. Landscape Design, $25/Tree of Life Nursery/Sat. Oct. & Nov.
9/29/2011 7:27:01 AM
1/2 Hr. Landscape Design, $25/Tree of Life Nursery/Sat. Oct. & Nov.Post: Cindy Ferry
I got this in and thought I'd share it. I thought the $25 fee for a 1/2 hr. design plan was pretty good. I know many here have dreams/plans/ideas and so on as to what they would like to do with their properties and the new water rates have caused many to rethink what they currently have and start looking at other more water-wise landscaping. So, I thought some might be interested in this post.



In This Issue:

Designers in Residence (DIR)

Designer in Residence (DIR) Program at Tree of Life Nurserydesign image

Book ½ Hour Design Appointments with Design professionals right here at Tree of Life Nursery.
Saturdays from 10a-3p in October, November, February, March and April.

As more and more people choose to upgrade their landscaping from boring lawns and tired ornamental plants to sustainable and vibrant native plant gardens, they are discovering they might need a little design help along the way. Starting THIS SATURDAY and throughout the months of October, November 2011, and February, March and April 2012, Tree of Life Native Plant Nursery has put together a network of independent professional designers to be on site for your convenience. The "Designer in Residence" will be available to provide half hour design consultations for the small fee of $25.00. Book a Consultation Here (payment required), or book on-the-sport here at the nursery.

The designers who are participating in this program have already participated at many Tree of Life events and workshops, and each one is from a different area in Southern California, ranging from San Diego to Los Angeles. These designers are independent business owners who will represent their own landscaping design services. We are excited that they have chosen to partner with us and to make their services known to our customers.

Let us introduce the five firms participating in the program to date and how you can receive a discount on plants for participating! >>

Our Potting Mix

Native plant quality is our passion.

potting mix tractorTop quality, every time. At Tree of Life Nursery, we believe that native plant landscaping and ecological restoration are both very important endeavors and that plants grown for projects in these fields should be only of the very highest quality. That is why we produce all our plants ready to meet the rigors of any jobsite. With excellent nursery hygiene, proper seasonal growth rates on our plants, targeted root:shoot ratios, root colonization with beneficial microorganisms (read about our mycorrhizae program), excellent drainage, monitored nutrition, and root systems that quickly establish on the new site, our plants are especially suitable for the challenging conditions found on any and every jobsite.

Read more about Tree of Life Nursery's High Quality Soil-less media >>

October/November 2011

October/November Events at Tree of Life Native Plant Nurseryflower display retail

Happy Fall... What a beautiful time of year! Its also the easiest time to get native plants in the ground and watch them grow into beautiful landscapes. Lots going on this Fall - here’s the run-down of events...

THIS SATURDAY! October 1, 9a-4p - First Full Saturday of the Season! 10% off all day.
Come enjoy our first full Saturday open since June. Also, come enjoy a 10% discount on all plants to get the planting season started off right. Designer in Residence: Jeremy Sison.

happy cnps membersOctober 8, 9a-4p - California Native Plant Society (CNPS) - Orange County, Membership Day
Friendly CNPS volunteers to give you a personal shopping experience, receive a free plant with membership renewal, and 10% discount on plants to all CNPS members. Free talks available EVERY hour in a fast-paced workshop series from 10a-2p! All instructors are from OC/CNPS. See www.occnps.org for more information.

10:00 AM: Plants for Slopes and How to Plant Them, Dan Songster
11:00 AM: Green and Lush Plants for Low Water Use, Brad Jenkins
12:00 PM: Plants for Hummingbird Gardens, Rama Nayeri
1:00 PM: Plants for Butterfly Gardens, Bob Allen
2:00 PM: Accent Plants that say "California", Rob Moore

abe demo speakingOctober 15, 10a-1p - Native Cultures: Contemporary uses of Native American foods with Abe Sanchez
Native American foods have been around for centuries, but now, with the use of some modern tools and conveniences, learn how to use native ingredients (plants!) in creative, appetizing and modern presentations. Formal discussion at 10 AM, samples available until 1pm. A "contribution" of $5-10 per person would be much appreciated to help pay for the delicious food ingredients. More details and pictures can be found here.

October 22, 9:30a-10:30a - Fall Planting time is Here!
The ABC’s of native plant installation and care with Mike Evans. Fall is in full swing, you’re ready to plant your native plants, we’re here to help!

October 29, 9a-12p - Plant Labelling Services
Have you admired the lovely plant labels in our gardens here at the nursery? Bring your plant list and we’ll print labels for you. $1 per label, $1.75 label + stand. More details here.

Replace Your Lawn Workshops Return this November, Saturdays at 9:30am!!

December will bring a tour of the Nursery as well as our annual wreath-making workshops! (Registration for Wreath Workshops will become available at the end of October). Stay tuned via our Event Calendar, email updates, our twitter feed and our Facebook Fan Page.

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