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RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Looking at, learning about & understanding 'ReDevelopment'
3/11/2011 12:08:11 PM
Looking at, learning about & understanding 'ReDevelopment'Post: Cindy Ferry
As I've stated in the past, there are a number of us that have tried to stay as local government informed as we can. We have tried to stay on top of everything going on at our local government. We've see how a lot of it ends up being State and Federally connected (funds coming from the State and or Federal monies). These connections often bring with them 'strings' that then obligate the county/us to the State and or Federal government. This, in my personal opinion then opens the door to much bending and flexing of rules and laws meant to be in the best interest and benefit of the people ... you and me. But, in being active and watching what has happened and seeing who is involved in what and looking at how monies are used, many of us have started questioning these actions, agreements, mergers and so on. So, we dig and we try to better educate ourselves. Believe me, there is MUCH to learn and find.
Are there folks out there willing to help in this effort? To help educate ourselves and be better guardians of the tax monies of the people? Are there folks out there willing to help protect our rights as citizens and in protecting our property rights and rights of use? Below I have pasted a link to just one Redevelopment project now before the Riverside City Council. What happens in the city can happen out here and will happen out here if we don't protect our community and keep a watchful eye. This means coming together and working together to better understand the system and to watch and make sure it runs itself accordingly ... in the REAL - 'best interest of the people.' Take a look at this one link and see all the intricacies and levels of agreements and depts. and spreading out of the whole and real focus and goal. It brought up many questions for me ... like did the city ask these previous property owners if the wanted to sell their property/their business? Did the city tell them they were going to sell their property to them and at a price the city set? Did the city buy the properties with buyers/developers already lined up to buy them and development? Because one sees a 'better use' of land, does this give them the right to take that land and move forward with their goals regardless of those that owned it and worked it? Is it all really in the best interest of the area? With this project, does this area really need more restaurants? Does it really bring 'good' jobs to the area? Will the jobs this project creates really improve Riverside and improve the lives of residents in Riverside? Who really will benefit from this one project and then look at how many projects there are, how many the local government went in and bought out the landowners or may have forced out the landowners for the benefit of the city and the developers?
How much of the stimulus money that went to the Redevelopment Dept. were used to keep folks in their homes???? How much of that money was used to actually buy up those homes???? I think our community needs a group of volunteers to be the area Redevelopment watchdogs. Any takers/volunteers? I'll help how and I can, but I CAN'T read all these 60 page projects and then find the time to go search out documents mentioned or search out documents that came about and are not listed in these actual project agreements. There are just too many of them and only one of me. So, I could use some help with this, if there are others out there interested in the "RE-Development" issues of Riverside County as a whole and more importantly within this Greater Lake Mathews Community.
Cindy Ferry
Proud Member of RAGLM
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