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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > RAGLM Adopts A Family for Christmas
12/20/2016 8:35:00 AM
Last Chance to give to our Family-in-NeedReply: Sandy
Wednesday is the last day to donate gifts to our Family-in-Need.  Please call Sandy at 951-657-4898 for pick-up or delivery of gifts.  
Thank you for your generosity!
12/9/2016 3:46:47 PM
Don't forget our Family in Need!Reply: Sandy
Don't forget our Family in Need! They would be very appreciative of anything you can give them.  If you don't have time to shop, a small gift card would be great.  You can bring gifts to our Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 14, 7:00 PM, at the Meeting Room.  Or, call me if you want to deliver them to me or I will pick them up.  Call 951-657-4898. Thanking you in advance for your generous support!  Happy Holidays to all of you!
11/19/2016 1:08:25 PM
RAGLM Adopts A Family for ChristmasPost: Sandy
RAGLM has adopted a needy family again this year and hoping the community will come together to help them.  Please note that these kids would be happy with ANYTHING and this is just what their dreams gifts would be.  Sandy Rytych at 951-657-4898 is coordinating this so call her for pick-up or delivery of your gifts or questions.

8 year old girl, Size 8/10, Shoe size 1
Christmas dream: She has always dreamed of having an American Girl Doll that looks like her; blond/brown hair.
American Girl doll accessories to go with doll.

 12 year old boy, Size 14/16, Shoe size 7
Loves sports, favorite teams; Denver Broncos, Golden State Warriors and Angels.
Football (Denver Broncos) and  baseball (Angels) hats.  Sports  hats and sox. Xbox game NBA 2016. Enjoys playing football and basketball
17 years old boy, Shirt size:  Large, Pants: 30” men’s waist, Shoe size:  11
iTunes gift card for music, Tilly gift card, Likes socks, Surf brand tee shirts, Surf brand hats and beanies, Nike running shoes

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