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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Colinas de Oro High Density Housing Project
11/6/2013 1:50:44 PM
Colinas de Oro High Density Housing ProjectPost: Paula Vice
Just sent to me today so I am passing it on if anyone is interested. :)
Not actually in our area but some feel it sets an agenda and gets closer to us.
Meeting agenda. Good Hope MAC tonight.
Here are the details of the plan. GPA 743, CZ 7143.
Proposed specific plan 364 on 126.4 acres. Location is on Highway 74
near Ethanic Road north side of 74. Good Hope area.
Area is all open space with RR zoning. Started when Marion Ashley was
Supervisor for the area. Now under Supervisor Jeffries and moving
forward again.
Dwelling unit 499. All high density housing. 258 apartments units and
retail commercial along highway 74. Up to 20 dwelling unit per acre.
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