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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Community Events > Volunteers Needed To Decorate The Barn/Holiday Potluck Social
11/27/2010 8:12:35 AM
Volunteers Needed To Decorate The Barn/Holiday Potluck SocialPost: Cindy Ferry
It's that time of year again folks, The Annual, Old Fashioned, Holiday Potluck Social.  The last couple of years we have had the wonderful opportunity to hold our social in a residents barn.  It's so much nicer and has that real, down home, country feel to it.  It really emphasizes "Rural" and "Small Town."  But, this task does call for volunteers.  There may be "magic" at this time of year, but that barn isn't going to decorate itself or set up seating and tables for all the food.  So, we need help again this year getting that traditional country get-together under way.  We will take what we have to work with and whip up a warm, cozy feeling of yesteryear. 
If you can help, please contact me ... Cindy Ferry ... CindyRAGLM@aol.com ... 657-6610.
I think we had like 50 to 75 people last year.  Everyone brought a dish to share and everyone had a good time.  It snowed, which real made the night magical and like we stepped back in time.  But the charm of the barn came from those in the community that helped by volunteering to make it so.  We invite county staffers and others that have spoken over the year, at RAGLM community meetings to join us, as well as our fire dept, Sheriff's, Code Enforcement and Animal Control dept. reps. Supervisor Bob Buster and his legislative assistant.  We want them to see the unity of community in Greater Lake Mathews.  This is a community event, open to the Greater Lake Mathews Residents and their families.  Each family attending is asked to bring a dish to share and gather for a down home, country potluck social.  If you've never attended one of RAGLM's Holiday Potluck Socials, you should make the time this year to do so.  We hope you'll volunteer to help us make this year better than the last.
If you will be coming, please remember to RSVP to the RAGLM board, there is a link on their web site: RAGLM.org or contact me.  This info. will be used to get you directions and updates on the potluck social and help RAGLM account for seating, parking and table space for food and in ordering the food RAGLM sponsor for the gathering.  If you have handicap needs for parking, please be sure to let us know this as we do set up a handicap parking area and will need to let you know more about that.
Volunteers, please contact me, Cindy Ferry, CindyRAGLM@aol.com, 657-6610.
Thank you and looking forward to seeing everyone again this year,
Cindy Ferry
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