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11/22/2011 4:39:14 PM
Inland Empire Waterkeeper NewsletterPost: Cindy Ferry


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Dear Cindy,
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Inland Empire Waterkeeper wishes all of our community members, volunteers and supporters a wonderful holiday season. Pease take a moment to read about our recent efforts taking place in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties to help protect the waterways of the Upper Santa Ana River Watershed. Stay tuned for what we have planned for 2012!

Keeping Trash Out through Community Partnerships

Armed with trash bags, gloves and great community partnerships, Waterkeeper staff and volunteers continue to tackle the ongoing issue of trash pollution within our watershed. On October 1st, Waterkeeper partnered with Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful (KRCB) for the Santa Ana River & Fairmount Park Watershed Cleanup. The event galvanized support from almost 500 volunteers and multiple City of Riverside organizations, businesses and agenices. The combined efforts of our team resulted in 5.6 tons of debris removed in only one morning!

Most recenStorm Drain    cleanuptly, Waterkeeper partnered with KRCB at their City of Riverside Ward 4 Cleanup on November 5th. Our role was to lead a team of volunteers to specifically address the surrounding neighborhood storm drains. We found plastic bottles, food wrappers, clothes and kids toys. By raising awareness about the connection between water pollution and storm drains, we can improve water quality within the Inland Empire and keep trash from hitching a ride down the Santa Ana River to the coast.

Check our website and Facebook page for upcoming river and storm drain cleanups as we continue to partner with KRCB and other organizations in 2012!

Linking Students with Real-world Experiences & Professionals

Last year Waterkeeper launched a new education program, the Watershed Career Network, connecting high school students with local environmental professionals working within the Santa Ana River Watershed. Thanks to a recent $5,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation we will once again be able to provide this invaluable experience for the 201Wetland plantings1-2012 school year. By exposing students to the multiple career opportunities within the science and environmental fields, we can better enhance the talent pool needed to address our region's pressing and future water quality concerns.

Our River KATS field trip program also got a recent funding boost from the City of Corona Department of Water and Power, and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency. With this support we are able to provide even more students with the chance to get into the field for unique hands-on activities At our most recent trip to the Chino Wetlands & Educational Park, AP Biology students from Patriot High School built their own water filtration systems, planted over 50 native species within the wetlands, and learned about the riparian plant and animal life through firsthand exposure.

If you are a high school science teacher interested in participating, or a local environmental professional who would like to volunteer for our Watershed Career Network, please contact Rachael Hamilton at rachael@iewaterkeeper.org or at 951.530.8823.

New Photo-Monitoring Project at Chino & Mill Creeks
Cindy PhotomonitoringWaterkeeper will be conducting photo-monitoring at 20 sites along Chino and Mill Creek for Inland Empire Utilities Agency's overall watershed efforts within the Greater Prado Basin. Plagued with illegal dumping in many areas, Chino and Mill Creeks suffer from severe trash pollution. As part of the ongoing efforts to both monitor and prevent illegal dumping at these creeks, Waterkeeper's photo-monitoring and reporting will provide visual evidence of the impacts to the waterways. We will monitor through June 2012.

Thanks to our intern, UCR student Cindy Liles, for assisting with the field work and reporting.

Little Fish, Big News
The small, algae-eating Santa Ana Sucker has been in the headlines lately, sparking both controversy and cooperation. Native to the Santa Ana River Watershed, this federally listed threatened fish has suffered from habitat destruction and the introduction of predatory invasive species. Check out the articles below for recent updates. Waterkeeper is currently looking to secure funding for restoration efforts to take place in 2012.
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FuscoeIn this holiday season of giving, consider becoming a member of Waterkeeper for 2012. Individual memberships start at $25 and corporate memberships start at $250. With your support, we can continue our work to protect clean water and a healthy watershed for our community. Thanks to Fuscoe Engineering, our most recent Corporate supporter! Check out our giving opportunities online, or contact us directly at info@iewaterkeeper.org or (951)530-8823.

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