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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Animals/Pet Care > The Found Husky Has To Go/Anyone Whom She Belongs To?
3/17/2011 8:47:48 AM
The Found Husky Has To Go/Anyone Whom She Belongs To?Post: Cindy Ferry
We think she lives somewhere in the mobile home park. That is were she was found. I picked her up from there on my way home from the community meeting last night. Cute girl, looks about 5 or so. No collar, but well cared for. Problem is that she killed one of my birds within min. of bringing her into my home. She was fine with the dogs, but not with the birds and just that fast, on a leash, she jumped at the bird, just as the bird stuck its head out to check her out and I pulled back on leash, but she had already gotten the bird by head and broke her neck. I still have another bird in the house and I can't risk having her in here. I have all our other family farm animals outside, so I can't just let her go out there. I put her in the dog run last night ... alone ... and she barked and barked. I can't do dog barking! If my dogs bark, it's to let me know there is something wrong. I know there was something wrong in her book, but I just couldn't have her keeping the whole neighborhood up last night. About 11:45 p.m. I brought her into our bedroom and closed the door, to be sure she couldn't get to the rest of the house and animals. She did pretty good in there, but I didn't get any sleep, watching her, listening for her to keep track of her and some crying she did. In any case, I haven't gotten any posts this morning, on any of the community list site about her. I had to put her out in the dog run and again, she's barking away. I have a lot to do today and so I have to take her to the pound, when they open at 11. If anyone hears of someone missing a husky, would you please let them know I had to take her to the pound. I couldn't just leave her out there to run the streets at night, too close to Gavilan Rd. I would have loved to allow her to stay here at least a few days, to help find her owners. But I just can't have her barking and disturbing the neighborhood like that all day and I can't have her inside. Sorry!!!  Can call me at 657-6610
Cindy Ferry
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