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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Meeting Information > Question To The RAGLM Board-July Community Meeting-Tax Assesor
7/1/2011 7:12:28 AM
Question To The RAGLM Board-July Community Meeting-Tax AssesorPost: Cindy Ferry
Next RAGLM Community Meeting: Wed. July 20
*** AT THE NEW FIRE STATION LOCATION (16453 El Sobrante Rd.)***
Riverside County Tax Assessor: Larry Ward

Can someone from the board tell me if they will be bringing REAL stats on where the property values have gone to in the last say 3 to 5 years out here ... here ... not all of Riverside County. We know our area is not like the rest of the country and so those records mean little to nothing to us out here ... in rural, unincorporated Riverside County and specifically this Greater Lake Mathews boundary area, where there is so much sensitive habitat to deal with and why the lots need to be kept larger here. We are already taking it in the shorts for damn near every entity out there from the State to County level and service agencies. This new bill the Governor wants to sign will add a tax to our bill for higher fire risk ... which is UNFAIR when those living on developed land out here have been bitching for years that the fire dept. is NOT enforcing the CODES already on the books for the owners of the undeveloped lands ... which is where the brush fires that cost so much money generally start. Then you have the water company unfairly applying these new rate levels that unfairly cost us more per ac. then city ac. usage. All this only drives down our property values even more. It makes selling a property out here even harder ... along with the fuel costs and drive distance. So, if we are going to have Larry Ward/Riverside County Tax Assessor come out to address property values, could we make sure he address more this area then Riverside County as a whole. They are two different things.

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Cindy Ferry
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