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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Riverside county Fire Department incident reports
6/2/2011 4:49:25 PM
Riverside County Fire Department Incident ReportReply: Sandy
Thanks for the information on how to receive the incident reports from the Fire Department.  I just signed up and also read about the fire over on 74 that could be seen from Cajalco!  When you live out here it is always scarey when to see smoke.
6/2/2011 8:39:07 AM
incident siteReply: JB
I went to the above link and tried to find information regarding a very recent accident that occured on Gavilan Road /Santa Rosa Mine Road...that resulted in the vehicle flipping several times, one occupant sustained a broken back, the driver sustained significant injuries to thier face/head/hand.  Yet, there is no notation of this accident.   This occured within the last 2 weeks.  I find it very frustrating when things happen in our community, yet it is as if we don't exist when it comes to any media coverage (or similar documentation). 
6/2/2011 12:16:18 AM
Riverside county Fire Department incident reportsPost: Mlloyd
Hello all,
every week or so I check this website for info about incidents happening in our area.


you can sign up for email reminders to click their link.

It is helpful for the times I see something happening, but I dont know the details. by the end of the day, they will have at least some overview of the incident.
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