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RAGLM Board > Animals/Pet Care > Female Collie Mix Found
9/9/2013 9:07:06 AM
Female Collie Mix FoundPost: Elizabeth
Their were two dogs on Mockingbird near Fox Glen on 09/08/2013 around 6pm.  One male in tact, black Pitbull with female Collie mix.  Both had collars with animal control i.d. on them.  We were able to get the female but not the male. The female has brown with black and friendly but scared.  It appears they both came from the same home and were trying to get to each other as I had one in my car.  Unfortunately the male disappeared in someone's back yard who was not the owner and we were unable to find him. 

If this is your pet please contact me asap at 951.722.5678  so I can return her to you. She has been brought to my office for the time being.  I will be calling animal control and hopefully they can contact the owner on record in the interim. 

As for the pitbull male, please be advised he will most likely be roaming around Fox Glen and Mockingbird.  We found out there are three female labs in heat and that is what probably lured him out there to begin with.  He is friendly but difficult to get and scared. 

Thank you,
Elizabeth McRae
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