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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Alerts > Heads Up: White Chev. Truck & Green Chev. Truck-Looking for metal
6/5/2012 11:32:43 AM
Heads' up - both pickups noted, cruising on Descanso this morningReply: Laurie
The pickup trucks that have been noted in the neighborhood both showed up at my home this morning.

One honked it's horn;  next I knew, someone was knocking at the door.  When I got to the door, one person was walking away from the door.   But a second person came out from around the far side of my home--meaning that they didn't wait for me, to begin hunting around my property.   THAT bothered me.

I had to tell them NO not interested at least four times, before they left. 

Front license plate on the green/teal Chevy pickup was 89036A1.   Both occupants of that truck were Hispanic males.   The white pickup was too far away for me to get the license plate number.

5/19/2012 12:11:19 AM
junk collectorsReply: Anne
I understand it's disconcerting to have the trucks come the next day when you said not to, but none of these posts indicate the Hispanic Junk collectors are up to no good - it appears they are looking for junk to sell & make money. Just like the tree trimmers that come around. Yes, sometimes they seem a nuisance, & I keep my gate closed, but I don't know that they're not guys just trying to make a living & not thieves. That doesn't mean you all are not correct in your assumptions - just saying that it might not be the way it appears. I have a lot more respect for working Hispanics, probably illegals, yes, than the panhandlers & bums on freeway offramps. If they wanted to steal metal, there are a lot of places & homes here that they could take from. Haven't heard anyone reporting junk thefts. JMO
5/18/2012 9:56:28 AM
More Info. On Chevy Trucks Looking for MetalReply: Cindy Ferry
This came in to me personally as per their request, I have removed their personal info. but am passing the info. along to everyone.
both white and the green truck have been on Idaleona for the past two days, thanks for reporting this because when my wife pulled up to our gate this afternoon as I was waiting for her to get home... she was out of her car to lock our gate and I watched the green truck full of junk pass by and when they saw her they slowed down to stop and come back in reverse. I was already halfway rushing down the driveway to meet them head on but lucky she was already locked in our property and they kept going. Pass on the info they are still around! they don't belong around here!
Cindy Ferry
5/18/2012 9:03:07 AM
Heads Up On 1 Green & 1 White Chevy Truck/Looking for metalReply: Cindy Ferry
Only part of our property is fenced.  They could see me taking down info. so they didn't hang around.  Close together it was too hard to get the green trucks plate number, but I did see that the bumper was tied on.  The white one was the last one out but being on a hill, it wasn't enough time to read it as it drove way and over the ridge to where you couldn't see the plate or truck anymore.
5/16/2012 1:15:55 PM
heads up on trucksReply: Aaron
Thank you for the heads up.  I think  I can recall seeing a green truck with the bumper tied on somewhere around here in the past.  As for the license plate, most trucks have 7 character plates with only the second character being a letter.  Perhaps character 2 in your description is an "A"?  Thanks again.  Will keep eyes open.
5/15/2012 2:30:21 PM
heads up!Reply: Tonette
Thanks for the heads up! We'll let you know if we see anything. Are you fenced in all around? Dogs?
5/15/2012 8:21:32 AM
Heads Up: White Chev. Truck & Green Chev. Truck-Looking for metalPost: Cindy Ferry
Heads Up Post:
A couple of months back I had a green Chevy truck with four Hispanic guys show up on our property. They saw a car in the driveway and knocked on the door. I told them we didn't have anything for them and that we had just had a neighborhood trash drive. A white Chevy truck has been seen on the roadway. Yesterday, while I was gone the white chevy truck came to our house and Allen was home and talked to them about some stuff he was willing to sell them. They agreed on a price and Allen told them to call to set up a date and time but not tomorrow (now today). Well, sure enough, both the white Chevy and the green Chevy trucks show up here with four Hispanic guys. We ran them off and told them they were to call and that they were NOT to come here today and did. This tells us their intentions were to steal the stuff figuring we wouldn't be here, since we told them not today. The green truck has the rear bumper tied on and it makes reading the plate harder. The white Chevy looked like it said 5491540, but I think there has to be numbers and letters.
So, heads-up, I don't think these guys are up to any good at all. We ran them off and told them not to come back. Better to not give these guys any opportunity to come onto your property or what you've got on your property.
Cindy Ferry
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