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RAGLM Board > In The News > The Decline of College - Especially in California
9/22/2013 9:15:22 AM
The Decline of College - Especially in CaliforniaPost: Hugh
The stats for California colleges, especially 'state' colleges is in the rough, or the weeds (golfer terms). There was a time, at least when I went to college (a long time ago), that students went to school for four years and got their bachelor degree.

Today that is not the case. At the California State University system, the largest university complex in the world, well under 20 percent of students graduate in four years despite massive student aid. Fewer than half graduate in six years.

The fault is in the system. There are more 'administrators' than full-time faculty.  Read the story here: http://nationalreview.com/article/358841/decline-college-victor-davis-hanson
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