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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > SOLAR - YES or NO
4/22/2013 5:56:43 PM
It depends. Do you plan to live here for a long time?Reply: MayorShinn
We put in solar a little over a year ago. We did not go with the big installation. My goal was to lower the amount of power down to level 2 or 3. Only have 10 panels. Generates about 12 Kwh a day now. If you install you should also go with Time of Use. This has only 2 levels and costs more from 10-6 than at other times. Your panels are producing at the highest during the peak periods. We sometimes go negative during the day. 
We run 2 pond pumps 24 hrs., the pool pump about 4 hours and the normal use other than that. Our bill for the last couple of months has been about $60 a month. Summer about 150. 
The bill is only once a year and runs about $1200.
That being said I would buy the panels if I planned to stay beyond the repayment period. Adding in the cost of the panels I am paying slightly more than if I did not have them. However, as rates increase this disadvantage will disappear, and when they are paid off there will be great savings.
I believe they also add to the value of your home.
4/22/2013 4:29:52 PM
SOLAR - YESReply: Mariana Cartwright
We put solar panels up on our roof back in 2003 and they have already paid for themselves - reduced out electric bill by 47% - that is with one air conditioner - running well pump for irrigation and pool pump.  The rebates were great back then and we just paid the net price after rebates and then took our federal incentive over 2 years when we filed our tax returns.
Have no idea what programs are being offered at the moment out there but well worth in our books.
4/22/2013 2:04:56 PM
No to SolarReply: BillB
Hugh, I do know about solar panels and that is why I don't have any.

Solar is a great idea if you want to sell power to the power company at a reduced price. Don't expect to use all that expensive solar equipment when the grid goes down, though. It's wired to only pump power back to the grid, not your house.

You didn't really expect to get anything useful for zero cost, did you?
4/22/2013 1:09:09 PM
SOLAR - YES or NOPost: Hugh
I see solar panels popping up everywhere. I would love to get some "real-time" input from members that have have 'actual' experience with installations and if there are really true savings to be had.

Roof installations: No up front or installation costs - monthly lease payment - seems to be very popular
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