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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Subjects at upcoming RAGLM meetings
3/7/2012 6:26:15 PM
Subjects at upcoming RAGLM meetingsPost: Laurie
Just a heads' up on subjects to look forward to, at future RAGLM community meetings:

    March 21 - Upcoming county zoning and policy changes; how they will affect you and our rural lifestyle:  The Riverside County General Plan

There will also be brief introductions by those running to represent you in the office of the 67th State Assembly District.  This is a critical subject for your rural lifestyle!
    April 18 - Riverside County's District 1 Supervisor's Candidates Forum;  come learn about those wishing to represent you as our District 1 Supervisor:  Bob Buster, Kevin Jeffries, and Michael Soubirous are all confirmed to attend this forum.  Come learn about them as they answer questions submitted by our community.   (Go to  www.raglm.org  by April 15 to submit questions you would like to have answered by the candidates!)

    May 16 - Fire safety, new regulations and fees, brush clearance and inspections, etc.
    July 18 - Cajalco Road expansion update, including updated time line, design, etc.

Do you have an idea on a subject affecting our community that you would like to have more information about?   Email those ideas for future subjects/speakers to:  board@raglm.org  We want to hear from you - those who serve on the board live here, are your neighbors and friends - and this is OUR community.

Our community is successful because YOU make the time to learn about your community, and make the time to be informed.   YOU get involved;  YOU make the time to write letters, sign petitions, gather signatures, pass out fliers and attend hearings.   YOU are what makes this community a great place to live.

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