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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

8/15/2012 6:49:08 AM
Real Concern LinksReply: Hugh
Sorry. I forgot to attach the link to see the upcoming tax increases. Click on California to see the news.
8/14/2012 10:11:21 PM
Idiotic government spending and taxationReply: KepSter
Hi Hugh,

Yes, I agree.  I am against the Obama plan.  But, the California fees are adding up for me too.  I pay $360 a year to Corona Norco Unified School District to help pay for bus service that use to be free since I was a kid (that is about $1 a day).  This after having paid the district directly some $12,000 when I built my house in 2006/2007, plus whatever other shool taxes we pay in our state income tax.  I'd say I am pretty pissed off alright.  Then the fire department wants in on the action with a $.42 daily fee.  That's $1.42 a day right there.  Until last year there were 3 large buses that use to come out to this area, all mostly empty.  Why they weren't trying to conserve money just a few years ago is outrageous.  Now Brown and the Dem's want to raise more taxes.  We need someone to stand up to governement and make them stop paying too much for wages, pensions, and services and bullet trains.  Enough already.  When there is no money to get kids to school, something is dead wrong.  Yes, they "care" about the kids alright.  If I hear one more group of teachers say that, I think I might get sick.

Time for cutbacks!  Texas is doing just fine.  They are a big state.  When you tax the people to the hilt (like with Red light cameras, overzelous code enforcement), people are not going to want to bring their business to California. 

There is so much that is upside down in California it sickening.

Why does the glorious Metro in LA stop short of the airport?  Makes no logical sense, other than someone must own the taxi and bus service racket and knew it would be good for their business.  Then, the first section of bullet train they want to build is just like that Bridge to nowhere they wanted to build in Alasks.  All aboard!  Delano to Bakersfield.  How about Riverside to LA first?  If that works, we might consider extending it.  The inmates are running the asylum, but the voters are too stupid to vote for someone who isn't a democrat.  Why?  We've tried Democrats here in California for 40 years. 

My two cents, or shouls I say, my daily $1.42.
8/14/2012 5:46:31 PM
Many of my posts don't make it through scrutiny. And I understand that. It's ok. I appreciate the concerns about the ZIP code thing and the Fire assessment ($150) fee. But, as I've stated before, I like to concern myself with the 'bigger picture." I've provided a couple links below that you can access and make judgement upon - they address the upcoming tax increases that Obama's plan has put into action. 

In comparison: The "fire" fee will cost us $0.42 per day. The Obama, Feinstein, Boxer supported tax increase will average nearly $70.00 per day. Yes - that works out to over $300.00 per month.

So? Where should we be putting our efforts? Merely food for thought.  
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