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RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > Victoria Grove Produce Market/Design Elements
4/30/2012 10:44:44 PM
What the produce market Is all about...Reply: William
Hi Cindy.. I'm a resident in Victoria Grove and am a little familiar with the produce market/stand. The land is about an acre in size, but most likely under that size and has been a dirt field since I moved in ten years ago. It is a triangular shaped lot that sits between Blackburn and the MWD land which runs its large water pipe deep underground as it leave Lake Mathews. I don't know what plan is for business hours, but in discussions at the HOA board meetings in my community, it doesn't appear to be an late evening type of business. In fact, the plan is that we would be able to use the building after hours for the association meetings. Being that the meetings are at 6:30 pm, I figure that the store would close early. I agree that having big-o bright lights would be an eyesore.. But being that Lake Mathews Elem is across the street and regularly has it's lights on in the parking lot, I would think that those lights would be a bigger concern... However, I can ask the board to consider the placement and brightness of the lamps in their design. Also, my understanding is that the produce would be coming from a local grower, not from across the state or far away town... I'm hopeful that the merchant will hold true to that... Hope I've provided some good details for you... However, if you have any questions, please send me a note and I'll try to get some answers for you... Thank you, William
9/9/2010 12:34:35 AM
Victoria Grove Produce Market/Design ElementsPost: Cindy Ferry
Please note that these maps are very large and I just cannot fit them onto my scanner.  I've tried to fit the most important part of the maps onto my scanner so that you could see more of the project plans.  You should be able to click on one of the scanned images and then pull it out/make it larger, but pulling the corners out.
This is the basic layout of the building, at the project site
The basic floor plan layout
I don't know how well you can see the sign plan for this building, on this image.  It says to see page A-5.  In looking at that, I do not see anything saying that the sign will be lit up in any way.  I'm SURE there is some kind of lighting planned for it.  This post is going to Jeff Horn, at county planning and I'm sure he will be able to answer that for us.  The county knows our issues with lighting and the damage it does to our night skies.  We will need to see hours of operation for the business and for any lighting for the business.  I'm sure there will also be lighting for the parking area as well.  I'm also wondering about 24/7 lighting of the inside of the store when the store is closed.
Does anyone know this area well enough to tell me of the habitat issues here?  Anything ... plant, mineral or animal that may be endangered or at risk?  Does anyone know the flow rate, should there by a failure at the damn?  I wonder if the City of Riverside or the County of Riverside has some kind of emergency notification system in place, should the unthinkable ever happen at Lake Mathews.  Let's remember New Orleans' and not make the same mistakes.  We need to have better planning in place.  With the added traffic these businesses will bring, evacuations become even more complicated when you add every day congestion to the mix.
One good thing about such a business ... my personal point of view ... it will get those street venders off the corner of La Sierra and El Sobrante and I for one would WELCOME that.  Though it shouldn't even be an issue now, being it is a code violation and health dept. issue ... to say nothing of the revenue lost from these people and the business they take from businesses such as this one ... that pays dearly for business licenses, yearly.  At least we will know the workers here have the ability to wash their hands after using the rest rooms ... and that there are rest rooms!  No more guys standing on the street corner peeing and then going right back to cutting up food that people actually stop and buy and then put in their mouths.  No Way!  Not A Chance!  I wouldn't eat that stuff if they were giving it away! 
I like the design of the building.  I have lighting issues I'd like to make sure are addressed.  I want to hear from the habitat experts to know the impacts this project would have.  I'm concerned about the traffic impacts.  I'd like to have traffic studies done now and should the project be approved, after.  I'd like studies done to predict the traffic issues to come from this project and the other one planned for the corner of La Sierra and El Sobrante.  I'm sure there will be or are other businesses planned as well along La Sierra, but these are the only ones I know of to date and so can only address them.
Cindy Ferry
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