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RAGLM Board > National Politics > 300,000 to Lose Health Coverage in Florida, 279,000 in California
10/24/2013 10:50:41 AM
Original post removedReply: SteveS

 The original post was removed due to the web link it contained. The link was to a book advertisement. Possibly just a simple mistake on the posters part as the link is now different.
 The entirely baseless accusation however, that RAGLM moderators are selectively allowing/denying posts due their personal ideology, is serious and must be addressed.

 Please refrain from assumptions and accusation. I encourage all with questions/concerns regarding your posts to direct them straight to the Board@RAGLM.org. All board members will receive a copy and the appropriate member will respond.


Thank you.

10/24/2013 9:41:32 AM
300,000 to Lose Health Coverage in Florida, 279,000 in CaliforniaPost: Hugh
I originally made this post under "In The News" but guess someone thought it to be 'too' political and 'scratched' it because they didn't agree with the content. ObamaCare has an effect on everyone in our Country no matter your political affiliation. You can be ultra-left, ultra-right or those folks that don't have a clue (the dangerous ones). ObamaCare will change everything good about America's health care system. To me, this is news. It's not political. http://www.newsmax.com/US/thousands-lose-health-coverage/2013/10/23/id/532769?ns_mail_uid=38587837&ns_mail_job=1542986_10242013&promo_code=1547C-1
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