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RAGLM Board > Local Politics > Warehouses in Mead Valley
9/1/2013 9:58:05 AM
Warehouses, Job Creation and PhobiasReply: Hugh
Let me lead in like this and start a 'flow' of possible critisim: Obama, since he took office in 2009 has proven to be a failure at every turn. Facts are facts and many are undisputable. Instead of going into ever element of dissappointment Obama has provided the American people I'm going to limit this critique on his inability to create gainful employment and the true unemployment rate he has provided the American Citizen.

There is no need to provide factual information as to the real under-employment rate, unemployment of adults, unemployment of young people, especially blacks and the millions of workers that have just given up. Why? If you're a liberal you'll ignore them. If you're a consertative you alread know the truth.

In my last post on this subject I was accused of "complaining" about Obama's poor under-employment figures (which I easly could have) but was mearly stating honest, true facts that cannot be disputed. That's called a "twisting" of words. Some are really good at it.

Obama has had well over four years to accomplish something, anything, but in my opinion has been incapable of doing so. Jeffries has been at his post since this past January or February. Numerous statements were made regarding Mr. Jeffries involvment in certain activities, especially solar (which is near as fake as climate change) but few or any 'facts' were provided to back the accusations up. I'll leave it at that.

Warehousing done right with good planning can be a great benefit to everyone. More taxes to the City and County, increased employment - real jobs - not the bs 'shovel-ready' type that Obama promissed but never delivered. Better distribution of materials and goods. I could go on and on but the naysayers will find their way to expolite the negative.

Oh, yes, the phobias: Although some say they have seen no indication of phobias toward warehousing but that is most likely because they haven't looked or suffer from a similar phobia. In the territory of RAGLM phobias abound. More times than not to the extreme (IMO).

For me, I look at the glass that is half full and say, "Thank you, thank you, we still have something to work with." Let's find a way to make the best of it.

I appreciate the opportunity to voice my own opinion. Thank you.

8/31/2013 6:09:28 PM
WarehousesReply: Laurie
BTW -  in case I left anyone with doubt to it,  I am fully aware and accepting that there will be development. 

But we certainly can have an influence as to what and how it happens, and the impact that it has on our chosen lifestyles here. 

First, we must be aware of what's proposed and recognize of the implications/effects.
8/31/2013 6:02:06 PM
WarehousesReply: Laurie
Something to keep in mind while watching what happens in Mead Valley;

The cities of Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley and more have long expressed a desire to see the entire Cajalco corridor become an industrial corridor.  This will mean more traffic, more noise, more pollution, more lights and more development a mong other things.  Yes, pressure to return to the Mid County "Parkway" (a freeway) issue will through our community will also come as a result as the commercial trucks and other traffic seek a shorter/quicker route to get to Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Bear in mind tha while it's not necessarily in our immediate community, what happens along the 215 will indeed have an affect on our community.  Among other things, it can and will set a precedent for more of the same in surrounding areas.  Look at what's happened in Mira Loma - and in Woodcrest, for that matter.

Think about why you chose to live in your community, and not in a city such as Riverside, or Corona, or Moreno Valley...or even Los Angeles.  Did you move from a city for the larger lots, the relative quiet, skies where you can see the stars at night, animal keeping opportunities?  The chance to grow some of your own food?  To raise your children?  For the lower crime rates?  Or ?

Think about the big picture. 

8/18/2013 2:34:59 PM
Warehouses in Mead ValleyReply: Michelle Randall

I have seen no indications that anyone is phobic about development in the Mead Valley. Industry and warehousing along the I-215 are perfect for Mead Valley. The concern is that we have a politician who raked in gross contributions from Real Estate and the construction industry during his term as Assemblyman; who has appointed an owner/employee of a major engineering firm as Planning Commissioner; who replaced concerned citizens on the MAC's with business people and who is holding clandestine meetings in violation of the Brown Act.
The concern is about bad development that profits developers and ultimately hurts the County as a whole and us as citizens and taxpayers.
If you want to complain about jobs created by "the great Obama", look at the jobs created by "the great Jeffries". In his June Jeffries' Journal, Mr. Jeffries claims he was instrumental in reducing the per-acre Sun Fee charged to the Solar industry by the County by 70%. For complete information on this, go to item 3.24 of the Board Of Supervisor’s
May 21, 2013 agenda at http//:rivcocob/agenda/2013/05_21_13/03-24pdf.  The Sun fee, based on .02% per year of gross profits was created with a built in possible reduction of 50%, so Mr. Jeffries can indeed claim responsibility for an additional 20% reduction. If my math is correct, that's payback of over $300,000 a year for just one group of the investors (aka Billionaire Boys) of one solar site while the County (that's you and me folks) swallows the cost of providing infrastructure for the solar sites. What a great return on their investment made to Mr. Jeffries as Assemblyman! (See maplight.org). Can the County really afford this? Code Enforcement recently laid off 12 more people.  How many Code Enforcement jobs could that money have saved?   Mr Jeffries also claims this reduction of the Sun Fee paves the way for "1000's of jobs". Who's he kidding? The word he left out was “temporary”. Solar is a passive industry. The desert is primarily flat. Solar is plug and play so it comes prefabricated and in boxes. Any of Mr. Jeffries "1000's of jobs associated with a solar project will be short term and temporary. All the Solar Industry’s jobs boil down to are 1000's of people eligible to go back on the unemployment roles for a few more years. YUK.

8/17/2013 12:50:35 PM
Industrial ParksReply: BillB
Industrial parks are designed for quick and easy access to major transportation corridors e.g. I-215. Not all buildings in an industrial park are warehouses. Many are for manufacturing and produce even higher paying jobs. The 91, 60, and 10 freeways are clogged morning and evening with people commuting to jobs in LA and Orange counties, many in manufacturing, and, yes, also warehousing. How do we fix this problem?
1) Completely stop all development in Riverside County.
2) Make even more and bigger freeways going to the jobs in other counties.
3) Support the creation of non-retail jobs in Riverside county where the labor force is.
As esthetically pleasing as selection 1 is, it is as equally unfeasible as selection 2.
I choose selection 3 as the most logical option for the future of my children and grandchildren.
8/17/2013 9:56:29 AM
Fear of Warehousing In Mead Valley And Truth About WagesReply: Hugh
First, let me say this - warehouse workers are not paid at the rate of a day laborer (legal or illegal). Everyone that works at a warehouse does not load and unload trucks. There are managers, distribution directors, schedulers and the list goes on. Example: Uline, a company with a distribution center in Ontario has an opening for a a forklift operator - $25.00 per hour to start. Then they need a management trainee - $30 per hour. In Norco a company needs a material handler @ $14-$16 per hour. Here's a listing for a warehouse manager - $65,000 per year. I don't consider these jobs, and they are current positions, 'day laborer' wages. The have health care, overtime and vacation benefits. 

New jobs that were created by the "Great" Obama were mostly part-time, minimum wage. Warehousing opportunities, although they were few, were the highest paying and mostly full time with benefits.

This 'warehouse' foolishness is fuelled by phobias such as: kainotophoba - fear of change; Storophobia - fear of storage facilities; expancianophobia - fear of expansion; pantophobia - fear of everything

Oh. My understanding of "truck trips" is that both the 'in' and 'out' trip is counted individually. So, if it was true there would be two hundred truck trips, which I totally doubt, it would in reality be only one truck coming and going. Have no fear, the warehouses will not hurt you our your family or your way of life as you now know it.

Wait, I can't go without mentioning optophobia - the fear of opening ones eyes and addressing reality. 
I know, I know - too many characters - but it says I still have 500 remaining. LOL...
8/16/2013 11:19:23 PM
Warehouses in Mead ValleyReply: Michelle Randall
When Rancho Serrano Specific Plan (400+ acre industrial park) was presented to the TMAC, it was a bunch of ugly pop-ups planned to be plunked into the middle of our community. One lady in attendance was appauled. She said, "We moved here from LA to get away from this because it just ruined our neighborhood." I was Sup. Buster's Trail Committee member, and I asked the other Committee members if they knew of great amalgams of industry and homes in the other districts. Citizens heaped praise on Sup. Stone (3rd Dist.) and Sup. Tavaglione (2nd Dist.) for their planning and developement, so I went out and took a look at industry in Temecula and on Galiano-Cantu Rd., We took our requests to Sup. Buster when Serrano Sp. went before the Board. We asked for attractive facads on buildings, warehouses set back from the road with landscaping, berms and elevation changes to shield them from view, walking trails, and bike paths. The Regional Trail across the back of the properties was to be bermed to prevent equestrian accidents caused by welding flashes or loud noises. Sup. Buster took the project off calendar and gave the planners a couple of weeks to work on our requests. When the project went back before the Board, it was modified to suit us and had full community support. That's good planning and good developement, not some shabby blight on the community planned in a clandestine meeting.
8/16/2013 11:56:37 AM
Warehouses in Mead ValleyReply: Deb

The meeting was to discuss huge changes to the zoning and EIR of the existing industrial corridor. The current plan is that of a business park with mixed industrial uses.  What is being proposed is to change the majority of the smaller lots to large lots and bring in huge distribution centers. The jobs that this will create are mostly low paying day laborers instead of higher paying manufacturing jobs.  One warehouse that is being built is going to bring over 200 truck trips per day.

The increase in truck traffic and pollution will be substantial.

8/15/2013 10:52:20 PM
Jobs are a good thing!Reply: BillB
Mead Valley is one of the lowest income areas in Riverside County. I should think that those living there would welcome local jobs. I haven't looked at the plan, but the I-125 corridor has an approved industrial park already in Mead Valley. The only reason it wasn't built out was due to the recession. If this warehouse is within that industrial park, it should surprise no one.
8/15/2013 10:51:03 PM
Warehouses in Mead ValleyReply: Michelle Randall
Debbie has a valid point. The warehouses in MiraLoma and the ensuing truck traffic became a health issue.  More to worry about is the flagrant violation of the Brown Act (Fair Political Practices Act). The first thing Mr. Jeffries did when he got into office here was to gut all the MAC's and fill them up with his own supporters. Go to Maplight.org and check out the millions of dollars of donations made to Mr. Jeffries by the building industry during his last two years in the State Assembly. Do we need jobs? you bet!  Do we need developement? Maybe.  What we need is GOOD planning and developement. Bad developement pushed through by a paid-for politician will cost this county (that's you and me folks) big time. 
8/15/2013 6:12:06 PM
Massive Distribution Warehouse in Mead ValleyReply: Hugh
If I'm not mistaken, Mead Valley, at least most of it is not part of the RAGLM territory. It's been, for some reason, not included. And that's fine with me. However, this hyperventilating of 'massive' warehouses and 'thousands' of trucks is like, well, how can I put it? Far fetched - unbelievable - over the hill - crazy. Even the eastern Moreno Valley warehouse area doesn't have "thousands" of trucks running through it.

And, even if the warehouses were built (which nobody knows they will be), heaven forbid if there were reasonable paying jobs created. Oh, no, we wouldn't want that...

Growth in our area will enhance the value of our properties - the Lake Mathews area, Gavlin Springs and Gavlin Hills will benefit from development 'down the hill' - it will not harm you. Do not be afraid.

8/14/2013 10:13:28 PM
Warehouses in Mead ValleyPost: Paula Vice
I received this email, and wanted to send it on.
The meeting was tonight, wondered if anyone got this below and went to the meeting.

[Attachment(s) from Debbie Walsh included below]

I am very concerned about the zone changes and EIR changes proposed in Mead Valley to change the lot sizes so that massive distribution warehouses will be built in the community.

The EIR would need to be changed to allow a much larger number of trucks into the community. Where are these thousands of trucks going to go??? Down Cajalco road.  I fear that the Mid-County parkway and cargo planes will be next.

A secret meeting of the Mead Valley MAC took place on Friday, July 26th at 1:00PM at Harry's Cafe in the City of Perris. No notice was at the County building or in the community. The guest speaker was from Majestic Realty.

This violated the Brown Act as it was not posted and out of the boundaries of the Mead Valley Munipal Advisory Council.

I have attached the agenda.

It also states that there will be a meeting tonight August 14th at 6:00PM at the Mead Valley Library.

I hope that people will show up and voice their concerns.

Attachment(s) from Debbie Walsh

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