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RAGLM Board > National Politics > America the Beautiful Has Become America the Disgraceful
10/10/2013 10:23:48 AM
American PrideReply: BillB
Mooseshell Obama is finally proud of America, though.
10/10/2013 8:52:46 AM
America the Beautiful Has Become America the DisgracefulPost: Hugh
In my entire lifetime (I'm closing in on 70 fast) I've always been able to hold my head high and be proud to be an America. Until now. In only five years one single man with a full regime behind him has virtually destroyed our once proud Country. America is now the laughing-stock around the world. Country leaders throughout the globe mock Obama - and well they should. His incompetency as a leader is not only astounding, it's well documented, and the world sees it more clearly than we do.

Over the last few weeks of the phony "shutdown" we've seen the real Barack Hussein Obama: Arrogant; Spiteful; Small; Shameless; Devil-like; Reprehensible. Oh how long the list is. America does not deserve this man as her leader - she and we are much better.
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