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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Garage/Yard Sales > TIER Tack-N-Stuff Tack Sale/Fundraiser 11/7/2015
11/4/2015 4:19:46 AM
TIER Tack-N-Stuff Tack Sale/Fundraiser 11/7/2015Post: whoanellie
This is a Fundraiser/Tack Sale. Prices are subject to change at the sale. 100% of the proceeds go the the care/needs of the TIER residents. We are hoping to sell EVERYTHING! German Silver bits, Circle Y Park/Trail Saddle, Crates Mustang saddle, Kieffer Saddles (2), English Saddles, Bridles, Field Boots w/wide calf - size 9. Prices/measurements available AT the sale.  P.S. The Noodle Ponies will be making an appearance at the sale!

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