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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Stolen Tractor on Rolling Meadows in Gavilan Hills area
8/19/2011 11:54:21 PM
Stolen Tractor on Rolling Meadows in Gavilan Hills areaPost: Paula Vice
Just thought I would let everyone know that last night at 10:30 PM ( 8/18) the big front loader tractor was stolen from the nursery on Rolling Meadows  It left with a truck following it down the road. So the police was called and they came out, said it looked bad but they couldn't really do much about it until it was actually reported stolen. The guy who runs the nursery was calling the police to come out this morning and also told us that about $3,000 worth of water systems were stolen during the day.   Along with a lot of the large trees in boxes there were lining the road way. All this in one week. The tractor apparently is work about $15,000. The (yellow) tractor is a big case loader with the front bucket and I think it has a back bucket also. 
It was headed down Lake Mathews Drive toward Gavilan Road.
If you think you might know where it is then call the police.
Paula Vice
Toll Free: 800-950-2444


911 for emergency

Station  951-210-1000

Lake Elsinore Police Sheriff's Department.

Toll Free: 800-950-2444

911 for emergency

Station  951-245-3300

Gavilan Hills residents are split when it comes to police protection.
The East side of Olive / South side of Santa Rosa Mind Road

is covered by Lake Elsinore

(meaning everyone in the Santa Rosa Homes+)

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