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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > CA. Magan's Law/Registered Offenders In The Greater Lake Mathews & Near By Areas
2/20/2011 4:50:18 PM
CA. Magan's Law/Registered Offenders In The Greater Lake Mathews & Near By AreasPost: Cindy Ferry
I went to this site and found 10 sexual predators in my area. You may just want to check your area. I'm sure there are more out there we don't even know of, living right under our noses, but, if we can at least know who is registered and living near us and our children, we can better protect our child. They are EVERYWHERE and most we don't even know of ... BUT ... if we can at least look up the ones registered with the state of CA, at least that is A step in being able to better protect your child/ren. Be sure to read and understand the laws governing this site.
When I looked, they showed registered offenders living on Bentley Dr. Bonita Dr., La Mina Ln., Multiview Dr, Gold Valley Rd. Ravenwood Dr., vista Del Lago Dr., Cedar St., Salter Rd and Lindell Rd. as the ones registered closest to me. They note that these offenders may ... may ... have moved from this location. One of the reasons you have to keep the law governing this site in mind.
Cindy Ferry
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