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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > New Trash Rate Increase!
8/11/2014 12:55:25 PM
I mentioned green waste disposal as a PERK/INCENTIVE for continuing the service...not to incur MORE costs to my account. A nearly $30 increase in a relatively short amount of time seems steep to those of us on limited incomes. 
  It would make more sense to pick up as much of the waste as possible (especially that which is biodegradable) making people more likely to actually care about what their property looks like.
Can't speak for everyone, but some of us struggle with being able to keep up with mother nature (be it due to finances, of physical limitations)and are bound to the restrictions of 'no burn' rules, etc. 
And I have to agree with the comment that suddenly after 20 + years we have become 'hard to service' ? 
Hey... maybe that new fire tax can cover the cost of disposing of the green waste (fire hazard)?  Why not?  I am paying the taxes for ME to keep the area cleared ... or so it seems. 
But... taking the whole thing into consideration, the total bill is still the lowest monthly charge of all my housing/utility costs.   Just gotta put it into perspective I guess.  Thankful for each day...even if it hurts. :)

8/11/2014 9:57:14 AM
UpdateReply: Mariana Cartwright
I have been told today that a new site survey will be done of our area and we should know something within 2 weeks.
I just find it hard to believe that after 23 1/2 years of living up here and having WM trash service - all of a sudden we are hard to service and our rates need to be increased!
8/8/2014 5:11:25 PM
Rate Increase #4Reply: Hugh
OK, so you want a 'green' trash container? That's going to cost you even more. What sense does that make? I don't want a green container, could care less. It costs WM considerably more to service our area (Lake Mathews, Gavilan Hills and Springs) than a normal housing project. You understand that, right? More miles and time to service fewer homes, difficult access etc. This is an extra cost we pay to be out in the 'country.' 

I'm more concerned with what destruction our homeland is going through than an increase in trash pickup. What means more to you?
8/8/2014 4:58:41 PM
Hard to Service DefinitionReply: BillB
In trash monopoly speak, "hard to service" means it takes more fuel to collect less trash, whereby their profits go down. It's also a euthamism for "bend over and take it, we're a monopoly."
8/8/2014 12:05:05 PM
The least they could do is offer us green waste disposal as well (it would take a wee bit of the sting out of this latest gouge)
8/8/2014 11:55:43 AM
Well, my service increased by $10.00 with the last rate change ...now I am looking at an additional $20!  I feel as if they are lumping everyone into one group, and NOT considering the actual streets , etc.   In their description of 'hard to service', the only word that applies to my street is 'rural'  (only because of the general area)  it is not " unpaved, poorly paved(in comparison to other streets) hilly, mountain terrain, sparsely populated, it does not have large uninhabited space between pockets of homes, or unusually heavy waste due to large properties with livestock," etc.   
So, in their letter they refer to "your account"  and having audited "all residential accounts".  This is not how this increase is being determined...it is a mapped out area and we are all being labeled as this "hard to service" group.  The Gavilan Hills mobile home 'park'  should not be included in this increase.
Sorry for the rant.  Just tired of being nickle and dimed to death (in this case it's dollars!)
8/8/2014 9:34:00 AM
Trash Rate Increase IIReply: Hugh
Although we did not receive a letter like this - our property is not of the type that's difficult to service. For properties that are difficult to service I see no reason there should not be an extra charge. It makes good, solid business sense. When it costs the servicing company more to service certain customers due to location and/or access they have every right to charge more. Sorry if you disagree, but that's just the way it is.
8/8/2014 8:48:43 AM
New Trash Rate Increase!Post: Nathan
Please forgive the delay on this as I just received this from a neighbor. I have a dumpster classified as commercial and I have not received any notice yet. Looks like it may only be residential customers.

FYI: Click here to read the WM letter.
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