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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Sheriff Sniff Opposses Feinstein's Assault Ban Bill
2/17/2013 11:05:48 AM
Sheriff vs FeinsteinReply: Hugh
I appreciate the letter from Sheriff Sniff to Diane Feinstein regarding her position on assault weapons and guns in general. It's bad we can't can't ban Feinstein herself.
2/16/2013 11:50:35 PM
You GO, Sheriff Sniff!Reply: Gayle Geer

At least there is someone out there who understands the dangers of gun bans.
2/16/2013 5:21:03 PM
Sheriff Sniff Opposses Feinstein's Assault Ban BillPost: Nathan
Our Sheriff Stan Sniff has written a letter opposing Senator Feinstein's  Assault Weapons Ban of 2013. Like the Sheriff more now, just thought I would pass it on.

Sheriff Sniff's Letter to Feinstein
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