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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Announcements > Flower Walk and Adopt-A-Trail Trail Event at Harford Springs Park!
3/7/2013 2:31:26 PM
Space is Limited for the April 6 Flower Walk & Adopt-a-TrailReply: Sandy
Sorry, just found out that the space is limited for the Flower Walk thru Harford Springs Park this year!  There are 16 spaces left for our April 6 Flower Walk so sign up early.  Contact Sandy Rytych at Sandy@RAGLM.org.

3/7/2013 1:16:00 PM
Flower Walk and Adopt-A-Trail Trail Event at Harford Springs Park!Post: Sandy

RAGLM is planning a clean-up day on our adopted Trails #8 and #16 in Harford Springs Park on Saturday, April 6th, starting about 1:00 PM.  Trail clean-up is planned immediately following the Riverside County Parks’ annual Flower Walk in the park that starts at 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM.  Cost is $2.00 per person for the Flower Walk payable to Riverside County.  RAGLM will provide a free sack lunch to those that work on our trails that day. This is a great family event!  Bring the kids so they can learn about all the beautiful flowers and little critters that are in our park, stay to enjoy lunch and then help clean-up our trails! 

Please contact Sandy Rytych at Sandy@RAGLM.org to sign up for this April 6th Flower Walk and Adopt-A-Trail work day.

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