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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Lost & Found > 2 Dogs Found Near Henderson Ranch
1/24/2012 1:19:00 PM
2 Dogs Found Near Henderson RanchPost: Nathan
Forwarded email below:
Attached are pictures of two dogs that have been hanging out at Henderson Ranch for almost a week now.

The smaller is an (un-neutered) male dog.  He is a boxer mix and is very sweet and very calm.  Loves to be pet.   The larger dog is a female, I think she may be a coyote and shepard.  She is extremely sweet and extremely smart.  I don't think she wants to share her owner with another dog.  She gets very attached really fast.  I think she would make a great 1 dog family pet.  I think she is maybe 1 year old or so.  Here are pics of both dogs.   Please send me an e-mail if you know either of these dogs or if you may be interested in taking one if we do not find the owners.  Please pass this e-mail around to all of your neighbors if possible.  Thanks so much for your help

Click to view attached file (.JPG)
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