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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Local Politics > Gov. Brown Says Screw Californian's - Welcome Illegals.
10/24/2013 1:19:51 PM
Short Sightedness Of RAGLM Members On The Real IssuesReply: Hugh
While the majority of "Community" members seem to be raging on about the widening of Cajalco Road (to make its safer) or the building of Warehouses in Mead Valley near the 215 freeway (good for business) or the plans of the newly elected Jeffrey, they ignore the real problems facing our area and our state - Illegal Immigration and it's negative effect on our economy; Obamacare and the catastrophic cost and limitations to quality care and your right of choice; Illegal's getting driver licenses; Illegal's being allowed to serve on jury's; Infringement on the rights provided by the Constitution to all Americans. Your petty issues are so small it's embarrassing. Stand back a couple of steps and look at what the 'real' issues are. 
10/24/2013 10:17:02 AM
Not unusual for MexaforniaReply: BillB
Should we be surprised that a state in which the Mexican flag is seen far more than the Stars and Stripes would give those here "without proper documentation" (aka illegals) drivers licenses and ID cards identifying them as citizens of this state? The Reconquesta movement has gained one more notch in their goal to return the state to Mexico.
10/24/2013 9:48:21 AM
"There Is A Failure To Communicate"Reply: Hugh
It's amazing to me. No one seems to care about illegals overrunning our state and their cost to the taxpayer - yes, even you - in the tune of billions of dollars every year.
10/7/2013 10:03:39 AM
Gov. Brown Says Screw Californian's - Welcome Illegals. Post: Hugh
No doubt. Gov. Brown and Pres. Obama are on the same page. Brown is out to screw Californian and Obama is out to screw America. What a team they make.

Bend over California citizens and take it you-know-where. Governor Jerry Brown (a traitor, not unlike Jane Fonda) has nearly handed over the entire state of California to Mexican illegals by the sweep of his pen.

Brown signs California immigration bills, wins activists’ kudos in pressing for reform


And all this there are those concerned with the widening of Cajalco Rd.
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