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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > General Discussion > General Plan Review and Special Community Meeting
5/20/2014 5:52:56 PM
General Plan Review and Special Community MeetingPost: Nathan
As promised, I wanted to let you all know that RAGLM has reviewed some of the General Plan changes and is currently working on reviewing the greater part of the document. Currently we have gone through our local area Land Use section of Lake Mathews/Woodcrest. Please feel free to review the findings below as well as the attached document provided by the county. This review is for information purposes only and we are not making any recommendations for or taking any action yet. We want you to have some time to go through things as well and discuss your concerns with the rest of the community before we submit a final review.

Please take the time to give it a look and take notes and make comments. You may see something we did not or simply see it in a different light. We need as many eyes as we can get.

We will be setting a meeting in late June for community final review of our findings/concerns as well as any from the community. The last day to comment on this project is June 30, 2014. Below is a list of sections that the RAGLM board is going to review from the main GP as well as which board member is reviewing it. Please feel free to contact any of us at anytime with any questions you may have. We will announce the date for our final review meeting once we have confirmed it.

We have tried to focus on areas of importance.

Chapter 3: Land Use Element

Chapter 4: Circulation Element

Chapter 5: Multipurpose Open Space Element

Chapter 6: Safety Element

Chapter 7: Noise Element

Chapter 8: Housing Element

Chapter 9: Air Quality Element

Chapter 10: Healthy Communities Element

Chapter 11: Administration Element
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