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RAGLM Board > Announcements > Event: The Longest Walk 3/American Indians & Others/Diabetes
2/13/2011 9:51:00 AM
Event: The Longest Walk 3/American Indians & Others/DiabetesPost: Cindy Ferry
Copied and pasted:
LONGEST WALK 3, REVERSING DIABETES 2011.   This is a walk across America on two routes.  On the Southern Route across the United States, walkers will leave walkers leave La Jolla, CA on Feb 14 and will arrive in Washington D.C. on  June 8, 2011.   The walkers will be walking through SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA from Feb 14 - Feb 23.   A Kick off Native style will precede the event on Sunday Feb 13.
This is notice of the LONGEST WALK 3, REVERSING DIABETES 2011 for which a pre kickoff event will be held tomorrow Feb 13, with the walk beginning on Monday Feb 14.

American Indians and others will be walking across the United States on two routes, a Southern Route led by Dennis Banks leaving from La Jolla in San Diego County in Southern California; and a Northern Route led by Chris Francisco leaving from Portland.    After five months both groups will arrive in Washington DC on June 8.

See brief overview of two routes and maps of two routes posted on one of the LW3 Washington DC Coordinators websites: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dcnatives/

Large Map of Southern Route across the United States (La Jolla to D.C.): 


Large Map of Northern Route across the United States (Portland to D.C.): 
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