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RAGLM Board > Announcements > Local Computer Scam "Out Of Area" Phone Number
8/8/2012 3:06:17 PM
Local Computer Scam "Out Of Area" Phone NumberPost: Nathan
Just thought I would let everyone know that apparently someone is trying a new scam in our area. I just got a phone call from a number that said Out Of Area on my phone. While I usually do not answer them, I felt like it this time. The gentleman had a thick Indian accent and told me he was from some Computer Technical Department and was calling about the health of my computer. Well, I am a 20+ year programmer as well as a Microsoft Systems Engineer for the past 10 years so I certainly was not buying it. As soon as I told him I did not believe him, he hung up.

Beware: someone may call you and tell you they are here to help with your computer problem, they may even tell you to go to a website which will allow them on your PC. This is a bunch of BS do not believe it.

Just thought I would pass it on, be aware.
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