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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Unacceptable Posts that are Denied ~
4/12/2013 5:19:10 PM
unposted postsReply: Anne
I have had a couple of times when something has not been posted & I did not receive an email explaining why. I tried to figure out why they were denied, but maybe something just didn't get through for some reason. Or I recommended someone & perhaps we are not allowed to do that. I don't believe there is some hidden agenda anywhere. Just saying. :)
4/12/2013 2:59:04 PM
Improper censorship allegations.Reply: SteveS

My name is Steve Sidwell. I was newly elected to the RAGLM board last November 2012. Improper censorship has been alleged on more than one occasion regarding the RAGLM forums. Not only as a board member and fellow resident, but (most importantly) as a father raising two sons to value strict moral character of utmost importance, I take these allegations very seriously.  I can tell you that my fellow board members do as well. We (RAGLM board) are simply a group of your neighbors who are volunteering our time and effort for the betterment of this niche community and our way of life here in the Greater Lake Mathews area.


I've personally addressed this issue right from the start of my term. I have no intentions of belonging to any organization of questionable practices. My report is that I've not seen any evidence whatsoever of any improper censorship by this board. Upon addressing these concerns we also implemented a function to where all board members receive for review any post denied by the forum moderator. Additionally, all denied posts are responded to with a simple explanation of why the post was denied, a link to our posting guidelines and a statement encouraging you to contact the RAGLM board directly with any concerns (Example below).


I encourage anyone with concerns to first read the posting guidelines and not hesitate to contact me directly with and further questions or issues.




RAGLM.org Post/Reply Approval Process

We regret to inform you that your post/reply has not been approved. Please read below for a reason why your post was not approved. Please edit your post/reply to fit within our
Posting Guidlines and we will gladly reconsider approving it.

Reason or Potential Concern: Multiple Post

Please see our Posting Guidlines

If you feel your post/reply has been wrongly denied, you may contact the RAGLM board directly at info@raglm.org   




Steve Sidwell
RAGLM Board Member

Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews
3410 La Sierra Ave. #F41
Riverside, CA 92503

4/12/2013 1:06:31 AM
Moderator in TrainingReply: Tonette
Hugh and Willow, At one of our recent board meetings, we addressed this baffling problem. In the interests o transparency, and an effort to relieve Nathan, I suggested that we all take part in screening the posts. Transparency, because there should be more eyes involved in the process. I'e had computer issues, so I haven't seen all the posts recently, and I'm a new board member, so I haven't seen many of the old ones. I can say the ones I have seen that were declined (none of yours) were VERY long and rambling. Some seemed to be advertisements. Some were downright angry. I know I would only want to.participate in a forum that was informative, not full of junkmail, and friendly, or at least not hostile. Also, I hope you know us well enough to realize we wouldn't be discourtious (sp?) to you, or devious enough to just ignore your posts. I think I can vouch for the board in saying we all will look into this problem. Signed, Toni S. 1:05 on Friday morning.
4/11/2013 2:58:59 PM
Un-PostedReply: Hugh
I have had numerous posts not make it to the blog with no stated reason. When my posts have been denied the reason for it is quite simplistic and the specific problem with the post is never addressed. I sometimes get the feeling that certain individuals can say just about anything they choose when others are deprived of the same type comment. It seems to be a matter of who you might disagree with and alternative views are discouraged.
4/11/2013 1:53:06 PM
Thank you for your reply, Nathan ~Reply: Willow
There was one several days ago about how much I enjoyed the Flower Walk and Trail Clean-Up on the 6th of April, last Saturday.   And others, but I do not individually remember all of them right now.

I do see that my reply to your "Scariest Thing" post that I titled "Bruno Bettleheim" just got posted, but there were several that were approved that were written way after I submitted mine.  Aren't you able to rather quickly scan a post and determine if it is in such flagrant violation of the rules as to warrant being deleted?  Do  you really have to ferret through every single word of the post  to determine its acceptability?

I now, once again, feel completely thwarted in being inclined to post at all.  And I find that very sad.

4/11/2013 12:09:08 PM
Denied PostsReply: Nathan
        I am unsure which post(s) you are referring to. If it was your last post, please know that we are all volunteers and it does take some time to get through the posts before they are approved. I do believe it states your post(s) will be approved within 24-48 hours. This is for many possible reasons.

1. Sometimes, the posts are large and take time to read.
2. We must check all links etc. to make sure they follow our posting guidlines.
3. As stated above, we are all volunteers and unfortunately we are not always able to get our emails right away and simply do not see them until the next day etc.

If you are talking about your previous post from yesterday afternoon, please accept my apologies as the board did have to prepare for a special community meeting last night and that takes some time which can keep us from our computers until the next day.

Please know we try our best to get all posts/replies approved A.S.A.P. but sometimes things are out of our hands. If for some reason your post/reply is not approved, you will receive an email stating the reason why.

I hope this helps clear the air, please feel free to contact me directly at anytime for any reason and I will do my best to help/accommodate you whenever possible.


Nathan Westphal - RAGLM President
4/10/2013 3:46:57 PM
Unacceptable Posts that are Denied ~Post: Willow

If you are going  to decline the posts that I go to all the trouble to compose and take all the time to post to this group, would you please do the favor of returning the posts as they are worded, with a statement of denial, to me.  

I know not everyone suits the taste of  those in charge here, but I have read the rules and regulations many times and see nowhere that I have crossed the line.  I am not a person who communicates in one-liners and that may be problematic here.  It is okay and I am not sitting in judgement.

But I would very much appreciate the return of my posts to my own email.  Sometimes I am wholeheartedly addressing an issue or a person here and push submit without copying what I have written.  If my way of communicating is not what you are looking for here, I would like to still be able to share my thoughts on other boards who are more accepting of my personal style and what I wish to share.  So if you would be so very kind as to return all my unpublished post to my email, I would be so appreciative.

Hopefully - - thank you,
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