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RAGLM Board > Local Politics > Can anyone suggest a write-in candidate for D.A.?
6/3/2014 10:09:34 AM
No Write-In for Riv Cty DA. Write name in protest. DA doesn't have to be honest???Reply: twodogkd
No but I also do not want to vote for either District Attorney Candidate.  In the City of Riverside I have received many negative flyers from both Candidate.   At least one Zellerbach flyer said Hestrin has received $700,000 from the unions.

There are NO write-in candidates for Riverside County DA per this webpage http://www.voteinfo.net/Elections/20140603/docs/20140603QualifiedWriteInCandidateList.pdf and per discussions to ensure there was not another list for Riverside County for write-ins to Riverside County Registrar of Voters office.

So sorry there is no write-in option, at least not one who submitted paperwork/qualified per the procedures.

If we knew of someone we could perhaps write in their name as a form of protest and to let folks know we think BOTH CANDIDATES on the ballot unacceptable to be Riverside County District Attorney.

I personally do not know of someone who would be good, but if I get a name before I vote today, I will write it in instead of voting for either of the candidates running for Riverside County District Attorney.

By the way, I have not reviewed the qualifications for Riverside County District Attorney, but if you have Hestrin LYING, one would think you would want an HONEST DA.    A matter for consideration.
6/2/2014 2:58:39 PM
Can anyone suggest a write-in candidate for D.A.?Post: Michelle Randall
I don't care one way or another about Zellerbach , so I'd been looking at Hesterin and planned to vote for him until I got a misleading flyer from him that just screamed "Sheriff's Association". Well, I've watched our Sheriff's Association (union) lie, buy and slander candidates in an out of office for years, and I have come to the conclusion they are just a bunch of sorry thugs. With that in mind, I went to the Riverside County election site and looked to see who was donating to Hestrin.  Sure enough, the District Attorney's union, Sheriff's union and Riverside Policeman's union have financed him to the tune of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. A truly bought and paid for politition. Next, I listened to Hesterin make a number of outright lies at the RCUC meeting.  I told him that he was lying and his non-apologetic comment to me was, "Well, Zellerbach lies too". Oh Goodie!! This from a man who will fill an office that demands the highest integrity.  Anyone know a write in candidate?
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