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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > To The Gay Population of Our Community-Three Cheers For Governor Cuomo
6/25/2011 11:17:40 AM
To The Gay Population of Our Community-Three Cheers For Governor CuomoPost: Cindy Ferry
I know there are many that do not approve of such things and that is their right. My post was not directed at them or to them. But, I wanted to say I think yesterday was a great day for the gay communities throughout the U.S. I personally cannot understand the issue of not allowing people to marry whom they like and to have the same rights and responsibilities as any other married couple.
I am not gay, have not ever been gay, but do openly accept gays into my circle of friends and many of them are my dear friends. I want to say I celebrated in their joy yesterday and hope they will see the same spread across all of America. It's the right thing ... in my opinion. I do understand that it is not the "Christian" thing to do, and I therefore fully support your right to not marry someone of your same sex. But, I just don't feel the faith of another ... whatever their faith may be ... Christian or otherwise ... should dictate to others how they live their life with love and companionship. I think we should all be able to enjoy that in our lives. I made a choice to marry a man, because I feel in love with a man. But, if others fall in love with those of the same sex, I think if that is where God has brought them to in their life, then I should not stand in their way.
It's not an issue I wish to debate. I've never expected us to always agree on all issues and clearly that has been the case many times in this community. This is why I gave it the subject line I did ... direct to a select portion of our community. If you are not gay but, opened this post and are offended, I am sorry, but I did try to make it clear to whom my post was directed. I know there are gays in our community I have not met and I only wish to congratulate them on their victory yesterday and to wish them the best in the future. It's my wish only to congratulate them and not to have a discussion or debate over the issue.
Cindy Ferry
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