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RAGLM Board > Road Issues > County Plans For Road Improvements On The Gavilan Plateau
3/9/2011 11:31:39 AM
County Plans For Road Improvements On The Gavilan PlateauPost: Cindy Ferry
Please find the update from the county below:

Here’s an update on the Gavilan Road projects the County Transportation is working on:

• Gavilan Road Resurfacing – Multiview Drive, southerly to Hidalgo Drive

• Gavilan Road Guardrail – Elderidge Drive, southerly 600’

• Gavilan Road Signing & Striping – Cajalco Road, southerly to Santa Rosa Mine Road

• Santa Rosa Mine Road Guardrail – at the existing curve, south of Lake Mathews Drive

• Lake Mathews Drive Guardrail – Malta Place to Capello Drive

We expect to bid this contract in April and Construction should take place this summer.

We are aware of the surface drainage problems on Gavilan Road from Hidalgo Drive to Pinon Drive. The surface drainage includes runoff from springs, landscape runoff and other sources. The Gavilan Road Resurfacing plans will include repair and resurfacing of the turn-off’s to the side roads within the Gavilan Road right of way. We are doing this to address the public safety concerns and reduce long term maintenance on the Gavilan Road improvements. We are also installing a sub-drain system in portions of Gavilan Road to help reduce the effects of the springs runoff to the road condition.

As you mention in your email, the side roads and the turn-off’s from Gavilan Road to the side roads are not maintained by the County. However, the County is currently conducting an investigation of the runoff from other sources coming from other roads onto Gavilan Road to address this issue.

In addition to the road resurfacing, new pavement striping and raised pavement markers will improve the visibility along the road especially for night time driving. We are also adding centerline rumble strip at several locations where the road curves to keep vehicles from crossing the centerline.

We appreciate your interest in this project and the information you’ve shared about the problem areas within the community, it will help us as we work towards protecting the public investment for future years to come.

Patricia Romo, P.E.

Deputy Director Transportation

County of Riverside

Transportation Department

4080 Lemon Street, 8th floor

Riverside, CA 92501

Phone: (951)955-6740

Fax: (951)955-3198

E-mail: PROMO@rctlma.org

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