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4/11/2011 11:53:20 AM
Putting My # On A Flier I Don't Support/Medical Marijuana ClincPost: Cindy Ferry
Okay, it appears my phone number was put on a flyer in opposition to a legal, medicinal marijuana store going in near the Lake Mathews Market. To whomever put this flier out, please note, I was NOT consulted prior to my phone number being placed on this flier. This flyer gave a point of view opposite of my own, yet listed me as a contact, thereby giving readers the impression I was also in opposition to this clinic. I should have been consulted and asked if I minded if my phone number was placed on the flier. If you want to put out a flyer giving your opinions on an issue, that is JUST FINE, but please do NOT put number on a flyer that has YOUR views on an issue without my consent. I do NOT need to have my home phone, where others beside myself live and have to answer or be disturbed by the phone ringing and or take messages because I'm not home at the time.
When the phone calls started coming in on Friday I let my stand on the issue be known. I fully support the clinic and I was the ONLY person to show up at the county hearing on allowing legal, medical marijuana clinics. I spoke in favor of them then and I still stand in favor of them now. I know others will disagree with me on this issue and that is the joy of living in a free country.
For those of you that thought I was in opposition to this clinic, please know that this was a misleading flyer, I was NOT asked if my phone number could be placed on the flyer and I am sorry if others gave you the wrong impression of my stand on the medical marijuana issue.
As I stated at the county hearing on this issue, this is a much needed thing. I watched as my grandmother suffered in pain, as she went through her cancer treatments. Marijuana was/is/has been well known to help with a number of illnesses. To turn our backs on those suffering in pain is wrong. Because it was not legal, my grandmother would not allow herself to try it, to look for something that might have made her life more comfortable. She suffered in senseless pain over a law that is discriminatory and placed on the books and in my opinion is only a revenue generator. Alcohol is FAR more dangerous and kills far more people each and every day, in every state across our land ... but it's legal to drink without even having to be suffering from an ailment.
We are not talking about opening an illegal drug distribution house in our community. The county of Riverside set strict rules by which these LEGAL medicinal marijuana clinics were/could operate. There is security inside and outside the business. If one has an issue with whom uses these stores, the county can check to ensure they have the permits required by law, which must be issued by a doctor. If any clinic is found selling these medicines to those unlicensed to have such drugs, it would be no different then anyone else selling drugs illegally. If anyone has an issue with the health conditions such a business would operate, they only need call the county health dept. to find out what the requirements are. If anyone were to find the business not running by these guidelines the county health dept.. can step in and close the clinic down. If one has an issue with whom gets the permit/licence to purchase medicinal marijuana or how easy they feel it is to get such a license, this is a separate issue fro the running of the clinic and needs to be taken up with the county separately. I do feel it is too easy to get the permit, but I don't feel we should throw away the baby with the bath water.
But, I do NOT appreciate getting phone calls on a issue I was not asked if it was okay to post my phone number in regard to. I do not appreciate an inference that I agree with the wording in a flier without consulting with me prior to posting said flyers. And I do NOT appreciate my family members having to fend off these phone calls.
And, a note to the poster of this flyer, the calls to my home, have been from informed, understanding, caring beings that are upset at the thought of the clinic not being allowed to come into the community. I have received zero calls for teen age kids in favor of a marijuana clinic or from anyone sounding like a pot head. The phone calls I have received are from upset residents that understand the suffering of cancer patients and their need to find something to balance out their treatments. Medical marijuana pills work in like less than 80% of the patients they are given to. Case studies show that medical marijuana used in food and or smoked by patients works much better than the pharmaceutical synthetic pills produced and distributed to patients.
If you don't agree with my perspective on this issue, I'm fine with that. I'm not going to change my mind on, so calling my home will do no good. If you wish to NOW be heard on the medicinal medical marijuana issue, call your Supervisor, Bob Buster and tell him your feelings on the clinic idea.
And, if you put my phone number on your flier just so I would know the feelings of others in my community, you might have contacted me first or stated that my opinion was not the same as that stated in the flyer. But, again, the calls I have received, have been in favor of the clinic and their anger was not something I need to calm, when my stand is the same as theirs.
Cindy Ferry
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