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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Gavilan Springs Ranch Area
2/16/2015 10:59:26 PM
gavilan trashReply: Michelle Randall

A few years ago I was your Trails Committee member as well as a member of the El Sobrante Oversight Committee. El Sobrante had won a $5000 grant for community cleanups and I managed to steer the money toward a cleanup day at the Gavilan Springs Ranch. The cleanup was attended by Supervisor Bob Buster, Code Enforcement, lots of El Sobrante and county Waste Management personnel, Half a dozen BLM officers, members of the Sheriff's Dept, Habitat Rangers, neighbors, Boy Scouts and High School kids and community activists from many areas. At. lun.ch time, our favorite "Hot Diggity Don" served up hot dogs, hamburgers and potato salad.  During lunch, a pickup truck with motorcycles drove right through the area  I approached the truck, leaned on the door so I could bend down and said, "I'm sorry guys, but this area is closed to OHVs" The passenger said, "Don't touch the truck Stand back" then told the driver, "Drive on through" The driver did as instructed. I told the Ranger what had happened and he went after them. The pickup came back out shortly, and the Ranger reported that those two charmers were LA Law Enforcement.  I asked him if he had their names and badge numbers, and he said he hadn't bothered them out of "respect for the badge". He added that he contacted many illegal OHV riders from LA and Orange County that were Law Enforcement who had just come out of their counties to trespass on our reserves. My comment to the Ranger (and to the Boards of Supervisors and the Sheriff's of both LA and Orange Counties) was that those two gentlemen were not Law Enforcement Officers but common thugs hiding behind a badge. The destruction caused by the shooters and bike riders goes beyond the trash.  Down in the canyon below the frontal flat there are ancient Oaks that have had targets painted on their trunks, then blasted away at until half the trees are gone  The little stream next to them is filled with filth and debris. How sad is that? The County can do something about this, but it will take a bunch of squeaky wheels.  Complaining about the situation to each other won't help, but if a whole pack of you go to the Board and everyone speaks on the issue, you MIGHT get Jeffries attention. Make an appointment with him and drag him out there. Contact the Sheriff about getting the ROVE team out.  Involve Code Enforcement about the trash situation and get the property owners cited. Contact the Fire Department and involve the arson team on illegal campfires.  It won't be a short term thing  It will take a long-term effort that has to involve the property owners and neighbors, but it can be done Michelle Randall

2/16/2015 8:47:38 AM
Gavilan TrashReply: cinder465
I agree..I walk back there with my dogs and it is a mess. The "Homeless Trash" ideas are priceless and really might work..but the problem is..most folks I have talked to who are shooting/camping/partying back in there are NOT from this area. Did you know that area is listed in the FREE camping website and draws RV people from all over the state and beyond? I got on the Gavilan website a few months back and posted terrible pictures of the destroyed land only to get backlash that it is from DUMPING and not from the fun lovers and shooters. FALSE. Most trash out that way is shell casings, targets, human waste(which my dogs rolled in) and stuff left over from meals and drinking. If each person were to pick up their own trash it would make a world of a difference!!! I even thought about sitting at the gate area with giant trash bags and telling everyone that they can't come out without a giant bag of trash! :) LOL
2/16/2015 3:12:38 AM
Tiny start to cleanup Gavilan. Take HOMELESS Trash Home. Use Screen to collect shell casinReply: twodogkd

         Thank you for taking the time to provide information about what you sawregarding the health and welfare of the environment in and around the Gavilanarea.  As a child, my Grandfather owned a section or half or quarter of Gavilan,and my father liked to take us out and enjoy the open space for the day, atleast that is my childhood memory of what I was told.
          While my uncle sold off thatproperty, years ago, I still retain my memories at a child of running aroundthe area, pretty pristine, with kangaroo mouse, ice box, old wood cabin, waterpump, cactus, and just the lovely land and plants as far as I could see back inthe 1950s.  Somewhere we must family photos taken there.   One time I backed into a cactus.  Ouch!

         My Grandmother who was born back in the 1800s back East, would bedropped off out at the "Gavilan" Cabin to spend a weekend, a few daysor a week.   She loved plants, animalsand new the names of many.

         At  least one family ancestor'swedding was held out at Gavilan, not sure if that was the late 1800s or early1900 but I have that info somewhere.
          As such I would be interestedin knowing the specific location of Gavilan Springs Ranch area you are referringto.  While it may not be the former areaI knew so long ago, it would still be interesting to drive out in my truck fromtime to time, when I and my 89 year old mom feel like it, and we could walk,check out the area, and toss trash into the back of my F-150 1/2 ton truckwhich I could then haul off to the dump.  By the way NO one in our familythat lives in the lower 48 owns ATVs or Dirt bikes. 

         We could visit during the week when it seems there are many of the folksyou are referring to, such as thugs or irresponsible shooters are, are at workso less likely to be there.  Of course ifit appeared really not save we would just drive on.

         Cleanup Ideas:

  • ·       Using a bucket/screen(size shell casings cannot fall through) to separate shell casing/trash fromthe dirt.  Recycle shell casings   Could keep kids busy.

  • ·       Install a POST witha holder for plastic bags and place to post a PROTECTIVE PLASTIC SLEEVE:  FOR YOUR LARGE BOLD FUN SIGN on an 8 ½ by 11 sheetof paper which you can refresh each time you visit.   No wordsmith here but my idea of fun signwording:


Please give some TRASH a HOME

Take a bag HOME to YOUR Trashcan.


         Visiting an area somewhere in the Gavilan area would be a sort ofpayback to the wonderful memories I had of my Grandfather Brewster who was bornin Sacred Heart Oklahoma in the 1800s and later came to own the large piece,whatever size it was, of Gavilan land that we loved so much as children, andwere and continued to be crushed that it had been sold.

2/15/2015 5:29:37 PM
Gavilan Springs Ranch - Thank youReply: Gayle Geer
Thank you, Steve. I've never been back there, but I won't even consider it now.
2/15/2015 2:05:13 PM
Gavilan Springs Ranch AreaPost: SteveS
I drove through the Gavilan Springs Ranch area today and was alarmed at the amount of illegal and dangerous activity out there. It has been steadily getting worse every year and is now completely out of control. It is without exaggeration, a DANGEROUS place to even drive through.

The people and families that use the access roads through that area to get home or for legal purposes are at risk of being hit by careless off-roaders or even shot.

In the short time I drove through there, I saw a lot of people on dirtbikes and ATVs flying all over the area at high speeds, on and OFF trails in every direction. Adults and children without helmets or the proper safety gear. I saw lifted pickups driving off the roads in all directions. I was dumbfounded at the number of parents who brought their young children, who were obviously beginners, out there to learn. I have been riding dirtbikes since I was five and am a big advocate of responsible off-road recreation. However, this place is not only dangerous to the off-roaders, but to the residents and law abiding citizens that use this area. 

If that isn't enough, there's the reckless shooting all over the place. The majority of people shooting are not only making a trash heap of this once beautiful area but are creating a deadly environment. There are appliances, furniture and all sorts of trash brought there as targets and left as someone else's problem. The amount of shell casings is staggering and cover the landscape. I watched people setting up targets down range while others on either side shoot high power rifles rapid fire at targets purposely placed on rocks. It was very apparent that the majority of these people are truly clueless to gun safety and the incredible danger they are putting themselves in. Not to mention the lack of hearing/eye protection and muzzle discipline. Now I did see some that appeared to know what they were doing and seemed to be acting responsibly (beside the fact they were shooting on private property,) but they were the minority. A significant number, and by far the worst offenders, appeared to be what I describe as the typical thug, gang-banger types. Wielding their guns and shooting as if simulating a game of Grand Theft Auto.

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