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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Proposed Development > LDC Meeting update - Commercial Lot Cajalco & Woood
8/18/2017 9:33:42 AM
Cajalco big rigsReply: lid
The developers plan is A sad reminder of the future Cajalco trucking route that will provide the Lake Mathew's residences with 24hr a day noise and fumes
8/18/2017 9:00:11 AM
MapsReply: Nathan
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this. This is the type of feedback the community needs. We are not all able to go to the meeting and sometimes it is nice to know what exactly happened. I just wanted to share the maps that were passed on to me for now. I will also make my comments on this as soon as I can put them all together. Again, thank you so much for giving your time to this community, I personally know how hard it can be. You Rock!

Map #1
Map #2
8/17/2017 4:00:13 PM
LDC Meeting update - Commercial Lot Cajalco & WooodPost: Laurlee

LDC Meeting Update 08/17/17

Please visit Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/no2rezoning/ for more current news regarding this project. Please comment on Facebook. 

RAGLM, thank you for your support.

There were 7 concerned and opposed residents at today's meeting. These are my notes - Others present at meeting feel free to add.

The county reps had this to say to owner/developers about the plan:

County Requested the following;
plot lines be adjusted
business plan be submitted
provide more detail of drive through behind storage untis
plan for road and sidewalk on northern part of property
signage detail - location, size, etc.
landscaping detail - types of plants, trees, sizes, locations
John Hilldebrand strongly suggested a STRONG buffer between commercial and residential property
possibility of road widening
suggested reaching out to the community
John H. & Tim Wheeler requested relocation of diesel pump stations
consider light, noise, pollution
suggested moving it closer to corner/front
Clarified there are 4 diesel pumps, not 5. the space in between dictates the stations
suggested that the lower 10 parking spots be removed for better flow of traffic
suggested relocating both waste bin areas from fast food sites to be combined and made visually pleasing
No lighting on diesel stations?
elevations of storage units
suggested a nice upgraded look to the buildings - enhanced features
floor plan for office
Questioned if living quarters were included in plan for storage facility
Stated this project would be done in phases - gas station first
they are marketing to retailers (fast food and storage) now
phase plan for construction requested by John H.
Architecture to look compatible with neighborhood because it is so highly visible
Roof top equipment to be hidden
towers to be finished on all three sides (3D)
Don from Environmental mentioned something about a 30 day condition?? Mar- Aug survey....? Did anyone understand this?
Retaining walls only 3-4' H - possibly with screen on top - not sure what that looks like
John H. requested engineering detail for retaining walls
Confirmed that Dennis Bouchardt (spelling?) is owner of entire corner lot
Traffic - Kevin Tsang, P.E., TLMA - Transportation Department
Traffic signals - There will be TWO once the other half of the property is developed - UGGGH 
Possibility of raised median on Wood Rd. outside this project
Left turn lane questioned
Questioned access gate/road close to residential area - storage facility
Flood control/basin designs
reciprocal access to northern part of lot
Wood & Cajalco - increase frontage??? Funds possibly allocated to county.
John H. - mentioned there is no timeline on widening project of Cajalco from Temescal to Harvill and diverge west of Harley john
Horse Trail along Wood Rd. - suggested West side of road. Disagreed! I suggested it should continue from Carpinus on East side to Cajalco - that's where the Equestrian/pedestrian overpass should possibly be?

Kerri Hand Spoke - calls the plan a "CATASTROPHE" - mentions the crime it could bring, pollution, decrease in property values, etc.

Art (homeowner on Bridalwood) - Sorry Art, I didn't get your last name. Thank you for coming today. Art was there to show opposition to plan and support the people in opposition

Debbie Walsh - spoke about several important issues such as drainage, water, traffic, trucks idling, etc.

Ayjai Anzaldi - spoke about her concerns of traffic and school children all along Wood Rd.

Ryan - another homeowner - new to the community - Welcome Ryan and Family! - spoke about a gas station being a single use property and the unlikelihood of banks lending money to it

Laurie - mentioned the general plan and that although the property is zoned commercial, We - most homeowners - do not want a gas station of any type and a storage facility. Suggested small businesses and referred to Wood and Van Buren center as an example. I asked about signals. Opposed to the idea of two signals. Suggested extension of equestrian trails to east side - not west

We didn't get to ask why a commercial property will get pushed through before a park or school, what the access would be from community to shopping center (currently there is a gravel lined access driveway with private property posted)

Nancy, V. - Please update with your comments made.

In my opinion, it was great that we had a strong presence at the meeting.

The owner and developers communicated that they will be reaching out to us at No2rezoning and the community via Woodcrest MAC and RAGLM and possibly more community organizations. They also stated that they are willing to discuss the property plan and are open to negotiations. There was no timeline suggested for the next phase of communications to county or the community at this time.

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