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RAGLM Board > General Discussion > Day of Rage in US. March 3rd call for Sharia Law
2/23/2011 11:37:49 PM
Sharia LawReply: Willow
Thank you, Nathan, for your very intelligent and courteous reply.

I do most wholeheartedly agree with you in every way.  I keep trying to maintain a positive focus with all these terrorizing and hideous things that are happening in the world today, and the treachery we find ourselves facing on every front, but the truth seems to be that being open-hearted and embracing, as we in America have always held to the highest standards, is not "reaping" as we have "sown".   I find it all hearbreaking, and I find myself tending to close my heart to selfishly hold onto all the things I have always held dear.  It is most certainly the state of being between a rock and a hard place.

I most definitely appreciate the factual information you have shared, and I intend to spread it out to all those I know.

Thank you, Nathan,
2/23/2011 8:26:59 PM
Facts about ShariaReply: Nathan
  It was kind of your friend to give their opinion on the subject as well, that is one of the benefits to not living under Sharia Law is that we are all entitled to our opinions without persecution. I will try not to comment on your friends words, but try to present some facts so others can make their own decisions about this subject.

First: Qu'ran - Koran, Kuran, Quran, Coran

According to the dhimmi contract certain religions have certain rights while others do not.
Based on the Quran, anyone who is not a Muslim falls under the dhimmi contract.

Sharia, believes in slavery. Oh that’s right you can be freed from slavery either by conversion or death.

Sharia Law does not allow for rights and freedoms of non-Muslims.

According to the Coran, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork or drink alcohol.

A woman's inheritance is different from a man's, both in quantity and attached obligations. For instance, a daughter's inheritance is usually half that of her brothers.

Sharia law requires family members, females or males to support each other as needed.

Men are fully obliged to financially maintain their household, whereas women are not; it is often said that even if the woman is a millionaire and he is poor, he is still obliged to spend on her. She is not obliged to share her wealth with her husband unless she does so out of kindness.

Islamic jurists have traditionally held that Muslim women may enter into marriage with only Muslim men. On the other hand, the Qur'an allows a Muslim man to marry a woman from the People of the Book.

Sharia does not allow freedom of speech in such matters as criticism of Muhammad. Such criticism is blasphemy and punishable by death. (Sounds like ancient times to me.)

In 1990 the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a group representing all Muslim majority nations, adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam.

Provisions for democratic principles, protection for religious freedom, freedom of association and freedom of the press, as well as equality in rights and equal protection under the law were simply not in this doctrine. (Hmmmm)

Other things I have found:
These are the words from their book. If I am wrong, please enlighten me as I do not want to believe the facts either.

There is the extensive Muslim authority that females in general are subhuman; their testimony counts as half the testimony of a male [Koran 2:282], their inheritance rights are half those of males [Koran 4:176], and they need to be covered up and kept inside as much as possible to avoid tempting males into sin. Men can have multiple wives, but women cannot have multiple husbands. [Koran 4:3] God said in the Koran that “Men are in charge of women, because God hath made one to excel the other,” while ordering back-talking women to be scourged. Muhammad is reported to have added that: “Women are naturally, morally, and religiously defective.” You don’t see many alleged honor killings of males; daughters and sisters are the principal targets.

Then there is the teaching on apostasy. Here Muhammad did not mince words: “If a Muslim discards his religion, kill him.” Even closer to the honor killing point is the Koran’s approving discussion of the murder of a boy by a God expert, in order to prevent the boy’s apostasy from corrupting his parents. [Koran 18:74-80] According to tradition, Muhammad himself opposed the killing of children, except where the killer knew that the child would grow up to be a non-believer.

Adultery is punishable by death and woman get buried up to their head while men only get buried to their waste, allowing them a better chance of getting away.

Honor killings are held regularly in Islam.

Under Brunei's 1959 constitution, the Sultan is the head of state with full executive authority, including emergency powers since 1962 which is renewed every 2 years. The Sultan is assisted and advised by five councils, which he appoints. A Council of Ministers, or cabinet, which currently consists of 14 members (including the Sultan himself), assists in the administration of the government. The Sultan presides over the cabinet as Prime Minister and also holds the positions of Minister of Defense and Minister of Finance. His son, the Crown Prince, serves as Senior Minister. One of the Sultan's brothers, Prince Mohamed, serves as Minister of Foreign Affairs. (If that is not the definition of a dictatorship, I do not know what is.)

Brunei's legal system is based on English common law, with an independent judiciary, a body of written common law judgments and statutes, and legislation enacted by the Sultan. (Why not Sharia Law?)

Brunei's growth has fallen sharply in recent years. In 2009, GDP shrank from U.S. $15.6 billion (BND 20.4 billion) to U.S. $12 billion (BND 15.6 billion).

Brunei continues to have one of the lowest GDP growth rates of any ASEAN nation.

U.S. GDP $14.26 Trillion.

I wonder why everyone is coming here and not moving to places that are governed by Sharia Law.

The simple facts listed above makes me wonder if either anyone for Sharia Law truly understands it or if the are simply a terrorist.

Verse 9:123 - "Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you."

FBI definition of terrorism:
The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.

So you see, by advocating on our capital lawn for the change of our laws by people who believe that opposition should be eradicated, is a terrorist act.
I stand by my statements.

It is truly odd how humans want what benefits them with total disregard for others. The century of self may truly last forever and then mankind will be doomed.
2/22/2011 6:40:15 PM
MuslimsReply: Willow
Thank you, Nathan.  I forwarded this post to many, and got this
extraordinary reply which I want to share:

Thank you, Bodhi!!!!

That is a far more positive and comfortable approach to the whole thing!!!

Respect for All Life ... as philosophy,
Kindness and Compassion ... as religion,

From: Bodhi
To: willowmorningsky@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, February 22, 2011 9:18:31 PM
Subject: Re: ...oh, crap. Just "crap"!!!

Don't buy into the anti-muslim nonsense it's fomented by CIA as a blackop.  Anyone that are extremists, are quite rare, like Evangelical Christians. Muslims, in my experience, are profoundly peaceful, and kind. I live in a very high muslim population area, and I simply love interacting with them, they tend to be very generous.

Qu'ran is good, if you read it, you will understand more about the nature of evil than most people. Qu'ran discusses such things as demonic forces, the nature of good and evil, and God's will for humanity.  Sure ,some people have distorted it, but no different than how the Bible was distorted.

The most peaceful, benevolent, and wealthy country on the planet is a Sharia Law country - Brunei. It's a wonderful place, less than 200 people in the entire country are in jail/prison.  The wealth is spread among the people, prosperity is the order of the day. It's a blessed place.. They do recognize Christians, Buddhists, and Free Thinkers of course, but Sharia is the primary order of the day, but nothing is forced on anyone, and they have one of the lowest crime rates on the planet. Sharia has been distorted too, the core doctrine of it is simply like the 10 commandments, or God's plan for humanity. 

CIA/MOSSAD have been behind most terrorist attacks, and it has already been established that the CIA actually fakes Bin Laden videos, and sets up fake terror cells, all to scare and control the population to further their agenda.  I'd be more scared of the CIA than any muslim, anyday of the week!  God prohibits Usury, so you won't find an Arab charging you interest for anything, but you will find a Jew in every bank - and ALL spiritual texts in history tell us loaning money for interest is the devils work.

Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
From: willowmorningsky@yahoo.com
To: bodhi
Date: 5:15:24 PM, 02.22.2011
Subject: ...oh, crap. Just "crap"!!!

>>2/22/2011 10:35:27 AM
>>Day of Rage in US. March 3rd call for Sharia Law >>Post: Nathan
>>Call your congressmen and tell them to arrest the extremists/terrorists as they show up on the White House lawn. The threat to our society is showing it's face on our capital and we should arrest them all.
>>Read it Here:  http://www.examiner.com/christianity-politics-in-national/muslim-extremists-attempting-day-of-rage-u-s-on-march-3#ixzz1Eh24uhx7

2/22/2011 10:35:27 AM
Day of Rage in US. March 3rd call for Sharia LawPost: Nathan
Call your congressmen and tell them to arrest the extremists/terrorists as they show up on the White House lawn. The threat to our society is showing it's face on our capital and we should arrest them all.

Read it Here

They are calling for Sharia Law in America. Now I know I am living in the twilight zone. I hope you enjoyed your freedom ladies while you had it. We can continue to turn a blind eye as we do not think it is ever going to happen but it is RIGHT NOW in front of your eyes. When are we going to fight it, when the cop knocks on your door and says you must give up your children now? It may be too late then.

Be prepared to be governed by ideals and not by freedom of choice. Funny how the government may shutdown the day before and may not be there, leaving the door open.
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