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Residents Association of Greater Lake Mathews

RAGLM Board > Lost & Found > Lost--Zebo the Bulldog
6/2/2011 2:19:34 PM
Zebo's returnReply: JB
So glad to hear some good news for a change...welcome back home Zebo !!!
6/2/2011 9:23:10 AM
Zebo has been foundReply: Michael D
Thanks to Dave C. on Multiview, Zebo has been re-united with his family. Dave was kind enough to hold onto Zebo while contacting County Animal Control with Zebo's license information; they then contacted us. Gracie is on the mend and very happy to be with her friend.
5/27/2011 9:28:39 PM
Lost--Zebo the BulldogPost: Michael D
Zebo is White with black blotches, neutered male, has one blue eye. He is friendly even though he looks kinda scary. He got out this morning with his friend Gracie the black chow mix. Gracie returned totally exhausted and beat-up. Please call 951.789.4101 if you can secure him until we get him, He is from the Burwood Drive area. Thanks
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