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RAGLM Board > Alerts > Water Leak-Gavilan & Pinon - Week To Fix - Call If Your Bill Is Higher
8/4/2011 4:32:34 PM
Water Leak-Gavilan & Pinon - Week To Fix - Call If Your Bill Is HigherPost: Cindy Ferry
I called Western Municipal Water to report the broken line at Gavilan Rd. and Pinon, right by Harford Springs Park. The water company says they know about the water coming up out of the ground and running down Gavilan. They are waiting for the company to come out and mark the roadway for other underground lines. They say it may take them a week to get this fixed. They said that if anyone has a higher than normal water bill in this area, call them and let them know about your higher billing statement and about this leak and should be able to get some help addressing if it was due to this leaking line.
Interesting that they can let a line .... and one leaking that much water ... run for maybe a week before getting it fixed. Do you think they would do the same for a business or resident that had that much water leaking? I wonder just how long it was leaking underground, before it finally worked its way to the surface and just how much water that is that is just being lost, while telling us we will pay a higher price if we "WASTE" water! I can fully understand that they don't want to have to shut down the water supply to this area, but wouldn't it be far more worth it to pay the line marking company for a "Rush" job and have them come out NOW rather than later? How much water will be "WASTED" waiting for this company to come mark the lines and then for Western to get a team out to dig it up and fix it? That's a LOT of water ... ever SECOND that is just being "WASTED" and running into the blueline stream at Harford Springs Park. What does the chemically treated water do to the system there when it's THIS MUCH water going there? What is that going to cost us, because you know damn good and well that it IS "US" that is going to pay for that "WASTED" water. They tell us to call them and report "Water Wasters" WELL, what when the water waster is Western Municipal Water itself????????
Cindy Ferry
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